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This week's episode of Mad Men brought the focus on Don, Pete and Peggy. Don's quasi-relationship with Allison ended as she got frustrated with the awkward situation around the office.  She bawled her eyes out and then quit, after throwing a pot against Don's wall.

Peggy met a new fried who works for Life Magazine.  She went out to an interesting party with her, which the cops ended up breaking up.  After finding out Pete and Trudy are expecting a baby, her life gets even more complicated.

Pete is given the news of Trudy's pregnancy by his father in law, just before he was about to tell him the Clearasil deal was done.  After meeting with Ken Cosgrove, Pete got the idea to convince his father in law to give him the entire Vick's Chemical account.  It will bring in a bunch of revenue if it works, but at what cost to Pete's relationship with his father in law?

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Mad Men Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Freddy: Can you imagine? Your financial future is in the hands of a room full of 22 year old girls.
Don: Not mine.

My mother was a nurse at the state hospital in Vermont, and that was the last time I saw so many retarded people in one building.