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Everyone is packing up and moving on. Don's new office has a window in which the wind comes rustling through and it reminds of the way he plummets through the air.

Henry is a little too excited and Roger will do anything to be bunk mates with him. One of Roger's assistants is leaving him and he's very sorry to see her go. 

Joan is welcomed by the copywriters. The invite her to the Oyster Bar after mentioning all of Peggy's clients. Peggy, meanwhile, is back in her old office because her new one isn't ready. Some dude is sitting in her chair and she gives him some work to do.

Don meets with Jim Hobart and Ferg. Don's wearing a big smile that looks painful.

Joan tries to have a call with Avon, but a McCann Erickson dude named Dennis not only interrupts, but insults Joan's contact named Barry. Barry is in a wheelchair and Dennis asked if he's a great golf player. She's mortified. When Joan asks that he please read the brief before the next call, Dennis tells her to do it herself He thought she was going to be fun.

A woman named Marcia drops by Peggy's house with flowers. All the SC&P girls got flowers. All the secretaries. In the meantime, she can work in the pool. 

Joan and Don meet up in the elevator. She admits it's been a little bumps and she misses him. He says he can still run interference, but she wants to handle it on her own.

Don is completely impressed with Meredith's attempts to decorate his new apartment and he picks something incredibly exciting and modern and red.

Peggy shows up at the old SC&P offices dressed to the nines. Stan has been situated on the 14th floor but doesn't have a phone. The lights go off.

At the Miller luncheon, over a dozen people are in the room and they're served a box lunch. As the lead gives his presentation, others follow along with the paperwork and Don looks wistfully out the window. He looks at a jetliner flying by and then picks up his box lunch and leaves the room.

Joan receives a meeting from Ferg which she thinks is a good thing, until she realizes it's just an underhanded way to get to know her better.

Checking in on Betty. She's reading Freud. Don appears, upset that Sally already left and nobody called him. Betty says they can't get upset at Sally for doing what she pleases. It's normal. Betty carried a hundred dollars worth of text books yesterday during registration and her back hurts, so Don rubs her shoulders. She says that's fine. 

He tells her to get back to her studies. 

Peggy makes instant coffee in a mug on the stove top, burning her hand.

Don detours on his way home toward Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Joan is with Richard. He wants her to call in sick so they can go to Bermuda. She's persnickety because of work. 

Richard tells Joan he can call a guy and she laughs. He says that's what she needed.

Don is in the middle of Ohio when Bert Cooper appears in the passenger seat. He's a little too tired. He's hunting down Diana in Racine, Wisconsin.

Peggy gets a call that her office is ready and when she walks back into the office, she thinks it's haunted. That's because Roger is playing an organ as if he's in an old movie.

Hobart checks in with Meredith. When he notices Don isn't there, he automatically assumes he's on a bender. She assures him he went to take his daughter to school and she isn't concerned. 

Don arrives at Diana's ex husband's house and meets her daughter.

Joan goes to Hobart, but he doesn't play ball. They begin to threaten one another with lawsuits and he offers her 50 cents on the dollar to buy her out. She's not negotiating. He tells her to get out.

Don gets called out by Diana's ex when he gets home. He pretends to be a collections agent. He apologizes to his new wife and leaves. The husband tells Don he's not the first to come looking for her. She's a tornado who leaves a trail of broken bodies behind her. He assures Don he can't save Diana. Only Jesus can.

Roger is playing the organ and drinking vermouth and Peggy is roller skating. 

Don drives home.

Roger shows up to McCann and Hobart wonders if any of them plan on working or if it's the con of the century. Hobart says the ax is flying, starting with Joan. He doesn't want to hear her name again.

Just then, Peggy comes walking in with her sassy glasses, holding her Octopus pleasuring a woman painting.

Roger advises Joan to take the money and run. She grabs her rolodex. Tell him he has a deal.

Don's just driving across America. He picks up a hitchhiker on his way to St. Paul.

Ground Control to Major Tom. 

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Ferg: Joan, see it from his side. He has a wife and three children, he's not gonna work for a girl. What's he gonna say to a client? She's my boss?
Joan: It happens all the time now. Peggy Olson was our Peggy Chief.
Ferg: It's different with a bunch of writers fresh out of Columbia. And honestly, I doubt that's gonna continue here anyway.

Jim: Have you said it yet?
Don: What?
Jim: Have you introduced yourself?
Don: I'm Don Draper from McCann Erickson.