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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 8, Elizabeth and Russell get help from Mike while they try to come up with a plan to take down Craig. Russell decides to try to stroke Craig's ego and make it seem like he wants to take Elizabeth down instead of him. Craig falls for the ruse, but he still maintains his stance about the President and feels like decisions he makes are for the good of the presidency. Russell goes back to Elizabeth and Mike with the information that Craig still hasn't taken the bait.

Mike eventually comes up with a plan to make Craig nervous by having a reporter look into what he was doing while they were trying to lift the embargo on Cuba. Craig starts getting a little nervous, but immediately thinks it's Russell and he goes to Russell's office demanding information on what he is planning on doing. Russell plays stupid and acts like it's all Mike and Elizabeth working together to take Craig down which only makes Craig even more angry and makes him slip up. Craig decides to shred his daily planner which is exactly what Elizabeth and Russell were wanting Craig to do.

The next day, Russell and Elizabeth confront Craig about him trying to block the Cuba agreement and gave him the choice of resigning or being taken away by the cops. Craig decides to resign to avoid embarrassment.

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