Henry: I don't want to be the guy who's known for blowing the whistle and getting people axed because of it.
Russell: There's only one team, and now everyone knows you're on it.

You want to go take out a troll farm?


Jay: Sorry to crash your party, but this is urgent.
Scott: I doubt it's a matter of life and death.
Jay: Actually it is life and death.

Matt: Why are we even looking into this? Occam's Razor: It's Russia.

We don't know who created the story about the grave. But there was no grave.


Translator: Men in my country are proud. Give him time.
Elizabeth: This moment may never come again.

Henry: Tell Didi I said no problem. But I am going to have to file a report.
Gordon: Of course. Protocol, I guess? [takes out ornaments] Didi says these are yours? It was an isolated incident, Henry.

Russell: This always happens! Four years in with no scandals, you get gravel under you wheels and think you're Moses and can part the Red Sea. You can't part anything. You're in a leaky boat with one oar.
Elizabeth: I'm not sure I follow this metaphor.

If Kosovo is causing unrest in Spain, it is your right to ask NATO for help, but it is also your duty to help support world stability.


Daisy: Sorry, ma'am, news just broke.
Elizabeth: Just once can it be a cat video?

Henry: Well, that's one for the memoirs.
Elizabeth: Yeah. I can't believe he stole our ornaments! Do we have to report this?
Henry: Considering he's the Secretary of Defense, I'd say so.

Henry: You knew Kosovo was a reach.
Elizabeth: Oh, I'm not backing down. I'm sending the Russians a message. You send far right terrorists to attack the White House, you lose the Balkans.
Henry: I love it when you get political.
Elizabeth: Oh, so politics is foreplay.

Madam Secretary Quotes

Elizabeth [pointing at a pastry]: To be clear, that's the last I wanna see of that today.
Blake: No purse muffin?!

The terrorist group Hizb al-Shahid has only been in existence for a short time, but has already perpetrated countless acts of violence across the globe including setting off a dirty bomb in Virginia. My family was at ground zero during the attack and because of that I wondered if I was the right person to stand here today and ask you for your help. Is it too personal? And then I realized, yes, it is personal to me, and to every single one of us. Because the principal at the core of the United Nations is that all people, regardless of race, color, or creed, deserve to live lives of peace, free from the tyranny of sudden violence.