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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 10, President Dalton and Elizabeth were determined to dig up dirt on Maria Ostrov so they could have the upper hand and stop her war tactics. Elizabeth's team does some digging and finds out some interesting information. 

Maria had become close to a plastic surgeon in Russia when she was very young and getting into the world of beauty pageants. The doctor bankrolled all of the plastic surgery Maria had and put her up in a very expensive apartment. Upon meeting her husband, she meticulously stayed by her husbands side while he became President and she made a name for herself. Once she got the love of the people she made the decision, after he had surgery, to inject him with a mixture which would cause a blood clot and would in turn, kill him. She tells hers husband, while he's passing away, the reason she was murdering him was because she wasn't a fan of his policies and the way he let the United States get away with things. 

After President Dalton and Elizabeth find out about what Maria did to her husband, they confront her during the peace talks. Maria doesn't stand down unless the President apologizes for accusing Russia of the hacking or they give up who the spy is in her ranks. President Dalton makes the decision to tell her about Dmitri being the one giving them information and he's later caught by the Russians.

As President Dalton and Elizabeth are leaving, a Russian soldier shots at the President's limo and seems to have caused it to explode. 

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