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Major Crimes returns with a drug-related case this week.

An older woman who has a med-alert button passes out when she sees her grandsons dead in the living room of an apparent drug overdose. The kids were Russian nationals. 

A decision still hasn't been made about Rusty, but all options are on the table. 

The kids have been poisoned with Molly laced with cyanide. According to the high school's buy guy, the kids call Molly "slut dust."

It turns out Rusty received a total of 29 letters so far.

The DA's office has put together two options for Rusty. One is a new identity that would guarantee him a free education after the trial. The other is he can continue living with Raydor and if he ever gives the guards the slip again he's forced into the first option. Provenza says there is a third option, but Taylor refuses to talk about it.

One of the Molly dealers thinks he is more intelligent than all of the police, until the buy guy comes into the room. 

Rusty doesn't want to talk about Chris, even though she may have saved his life.

The buy guy overhears the conversation between Rusty and Sharon and offers to go to school with Rusty to keep an eye on him. He also plays chess. Well. Rusty challenges him to a game.

Prints are discovered in the boys room and on the bags of poisonous drugs and they match the teacher Sykes met with at the kids' school. She was at an anti war protest years earlier. 

The teacher, Robyn, says the emails they found between she and Konstantin more like creative writing. They were not.

Robyn does not understand how her prints got on the bags of drugs. 

Raydor is upset with Provenza for mentioning option 3. Taylor and Provenza think they should offer it up. It requires using Rusty to help lure the person out into the open. Sharon is now being threatened in the letters, as well.

Robyn's husband, Chris, is the one who murdered the kids, because he found out his wife was having sex with Konstantin.

Sharon and Rusty agree on option 3 as long as he gets a full mental evaluation to ensure he can handle the stress. He adds a stipulation that the therapist can help him with his most pressing issue. Sharon is excited ot know what that might be. He tells her it's chess.

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