Provenza: Okay, Captain, what are you waiting for?
Raydor: The last time I called a killer in a high place, he jumped.
Provenza: And the problem with that is...?

Flynn: He doesn't just want to screw his ex-wife. He wants to screw the entire LAPD the way he feels we screwed him.
Buzz: I know the justice system isn't always perfect, but if he'd just given us a chance...
Provenza: We'd what, made this right? I know it's hard to accept, but not everyone wants our help.

Sharon: [reading] I was innocent.
Provenza: Not anymore.
Buzz: This guy does not know subtle, doe she?
Sykes: No. But he knows us.

Am I living here now? Is that why I brought my things? What if you never catch him? Then what?


Sharon: Okay, so what do we actually know?
Sykes: Ortiz spent 11 years in his cell proclaiming his innocence.
Sanchez: But whatever he did or didn't do, he's blowing things up now.

Hobbs: We're willing to offer three -
Wilks: Three? You've gotta be kidding me. Nah, nah, nah, you gotta do better than that.
Sharon: Three years instead of six.
Sanchez: Or we can find Ortiz on our own and Mr. Wilks isn't seen til next decade.
Sharon: Three years instead of six. Take it or leave it.

Rusty: I can transfer to Berkeley. I have the grades. But I'm on track to graduate from UCLA in December. Berkeley goes by the quarter system, not semesters, so that would add another six months to my schedule.
Gus: And Napa Valley would and another $15,000 to my paycheck. But that's not what's important here, right?
Rusty: Gus, would you just hold on?
Gus: No. We are staying here. We're not going to Napa. But you're going to apply to law schools in L.A. and you'd better get into one right here because if you don't go to school in L.A., we're done.

Flynn: I've been doing some thinking.
Provenza: Are you in pain?
Flynn: No, I - oh. Very funny. No, I've been thinking that my health's improving. I'm eating better, I'm taking vitamins, all that. So how long before I'm back in the field?

Sharon: Do you know anyplace your ex-husband might have gone?
Lisbeth: I don't know. Most of our marriage, he was overseas.
Sister: Wait, you say Christian killed these people. Isn't it your job to know where he is? It's not Lisette's job to find him. It's yours.
Andy: That's what we're trying to do.

Lewis: And on that note, I'm shutting up for a minute.
Provenza: You don't want to do that, my friend. We can get you things. Things you want.
Lewis: And that's why I'm not telling you anything else. I have a lot more to say about Christian, but I'm not saying another word until I get something in exchange. And so you know, I have another six years on my sentence, and I don't really feel like doing them.

Nolan: Besides, if you call the Feds in, you'll miss the chance to swoop in and take all the credit.
Davis: Excuse me?
Nolan: I think you heard me.
Davis: I don't care about credit. Captain, if you treat this like one of your typical homicides and another LA police officer is killed, believe me credit will be assigned for that too. [exits]
Provenza: Boyo... I'm not sure that was your best career-making move, but it sure was fun.

Gus: I'll take an Uber. He'll drop me off at the front door, no problem.
Rusty: Gus, please. Can you just wait?
Gus: That's the whole story of our relationship. Me waiting on you.