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A suspicious death has the squad investigating the residents of an apartment complex. 

Provenza is having difficulty passing his tests at the firing range.

The residents of Lost Horizon all worked on a 70s homicide TV show called Prognosis: Homicide.

The dead guy was an ICE agent and his boss quickly became a suspect.

It turned out the residents worked together to allow the owner to kill himself.

There was a federal crime committed and as witnesses to it, they were given a pass on their collusion to poison the owner of their building.

The only thing that was holding Provenza back from hitting the target was eyeglasses.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

What's the point of brownies, without nuts?


Buzz: Be careful. It's an antique.
Tao: Blech. If you look through this lens, you can probably see Barnaby Jones.