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The detectives are all watching a high speed car chase--apparently the perp is a psychiatrist.  At the same time, Rusty is looking at photos of the Jane Doe from last season and asking what happens to her if she's not identified.

The chase ends with the psychiatrist's body rolling out of the car. He has been shot and not much of him was left. He was shot with a revolver and the gun was emptied, which is weird to Provenza.

A cop tells Provenza they tried to pull the suspect over because he was talking on the phone while driving and didn't wear a seatbelt. The detectives find a list among the wreckage that mentions a farmer's market.

At the morgue, the detectives speculate on what happened. The ME finds a note that the doctor swallowed. The note was not written by the killer.

Dr. Hinston was married, it turns out, to a much younger woman (it's a second marriage), causing Provenza to surmise that the second wife killed the doctor and that that accounts for the sloppy killing, as she is not an experienced killer.

Flynn can't get financial records from the office because of confidentiality, which Provenza thinks is stupid because the doctor treated adolescents. Sanchez suggests that they contact the wife for consent, but Sharon doesn't want to do that because the wife is a suspect.

Rusty looks at some drawings and other info about the Jane Doe. It's spread all over his bed when Sharon comes in. Rusty explains that he talked to the housekeeper. He and Sharon go over the details of the case and she asks him to think about his own experience. Rusty figures it's a family situation gone bad. Sharon wants him to consider other options. Rusty thinks Alice was very smart, smarter than him, but somehow he survived and she didn't. He feels bad that it's so random. He is grateful that he is luckier than Alice--Sharon would call missing persons if something happened to him.

Sharon calls Missing Persons and asks for a favor.

Hinston's wife has an attitude during her interview. She thinks her husband had a thankless job and doesn't understand why she's being asked if he had enemies. She also doesn't want the house searched when her husband was killed in his car.

Buzz is frustrated with the search for the killer's cell phone, as it is hard to search a small area for a small object.

Mrs. Hinston reveals she was a patient of the victim's since she was 12, but obviously that was way before their relationship. She is given a photo of the killer but has no idea who he is.

A suspect is identified--Randall Ward. His wife called in a missing persons complaint last night but he had no history of violence so it wasn't taken seriously.

Sanchez is sent with patrol to search for Ward. Provenza objects because Sanchez is not supposed to leave the building, but Sharon plans to bend the rules because she wants Sanchez on the case.

Provenza, Sykes, Tao and Buzz go to Mrs. Ward's home. She introduces them to her lawyer, who happens to be there because he had an appointment with Randall that she forgot to cancel. He is there to talk about financial issues in their business. Randall had left a voicemail last night saying he was making big money and suddenly ended the call. He used a blocked number while his phone was in the house.

Mrs. Ward is upset to be asked the same questions. Skyes suggests a therapist for the kids and she wants their father found. They serve the search warrant and the lawyer tells her to let them search.

They search Mrs. Ward's car and find a ton of cash that Mrs. Ward claims not to know anything about. Patrol must stay with the kids as she is taken to the station for further questioning.

Sanchez and Flynn return. Flynn is frustrated because Sanchez ignores him when he tries to encourage him. He wants to know if the financial report is back.

Sanchez asks Buzz to crack a password, and sits with Rusty while Buzz does that. Rusty asks why nobody is looking for Alice. Rusty worries that Alice's killer will get off. He reminds him of scary people he knew on the streets. They rewatch the interview where the killer confessed. Rusty asks Sanchez why he hasn't moved to his old desk and Sanchez tells him that he's not sure he's staying.

Flynn and Provenza go over the financial records. Mrs. Hinston spent a lot of money on motels. Tao explains that Ward called his lawyer and called his wife right before the cops pulled him over. He also called Mrs. Hinston four days before the murder.

Mrs. Ward is told that her husband was killed. The lawyer wants to know what's really going on. The DA tells him Mr. Ward ocmmitted a murder for hire. Mrs. Ward doesn't believe them. Sanchez tells her about Hinston's death. Mrs. Ward doesn't believe they were going broke. but the lawyer confirms it.

Mrs. Hinston denies involvement in the killing, but Sykes suggests she was having an affair. She confesses that Justin was always worrying about patients and all he cared about was the patients. She felt she was second to his patients. Couples counseling didn't help much. She dcided to have an affair. She denies the man she was with was Randall Ward and insists she doesn't know him. She says that calls from her husband's office were forwarded to her cell. Ward tried to get an appointment for his son. Mrs. Hinston was having an affair with the couples counselor.

Flynn comes in with a bit of info that Sharon says could give Janice Ward the perfect defense and sends someone to end the interview.

Rusty goes to the jail to visit the killer. The killer is condescending to him but eventually accepts that he is from the streets. The guy wants out of jail and insists that Rusty tell his side of the story or no story at all. Rusty holds his own.

Mrs. Ward is re-Mirandized. Sharon tells her she's about to be arrested for murder. Flynn tells them that they found a pattern of withdrawals from bank accounts that suggests she was involved in murder for hire. The lawyer says he is not qualified as she is arrested. Sharon asks him to look at the evidence before he recuses of himself. They tell him about the to do list that the killer swallowed. Sanchez tells the lawyer he is the suspect, not Janice. Sharon goes over the pattern of withdrawals--$20,000 and $20,000, and that $20,000 was redeposited yesterday.

The lawyer's daughter had killed herself while under Dr. Hinston's care. Sanchez guesses that the lawyer tried to sue for malpractice but had no grounds. Provenza thinks Sanchez is talking from experience when he talks about not being able to get over something like this.

The lawyer tells the story of his daughter's suicide, how she had taken all the pills out of the medicine cabinet while he and his wife were eating dinner. She took a bunch of pills including anti depressants and was hugging her phone as she lay dying. He saw a voicemail from Hinston when he called 911 and discovered she had tried to call him five times before eventually taking those pills. He blames the doctor because the meds made her suicidal and then he didn't answer her calls.

Randall Ward was a client so he hired him to kill Hinston. He is sure something happened to his daughter that day and doesn't understand why Hinston didn't answer his phone.

Sykes tells Sanchez great work. Sanchez says he relates to hating doctors and admits that anger management is really hard. But his real problem is his wife had a seizure disorder and her doctor told her she could go off her meds. When she was five months pregnant, had a seizure while driving and was in a coma for four days before dying. The baby would have been the same age as the girl who committed suicide. That's why he's so angry. Flynn encourages him to return to his old desk.

Sharon checks in with Rusty to make sure he's okay. She asks him if he learned anything new. She encourages him to be careful. Rusty tells her that the more he learns, the more important Alice becomes to him. He is writing a new blog. He listens to his interview and he found out that Alice drew birds a lot because it reminds her of her sister.


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Rusty: Bury her? Without even knowing her name?
Sanchez: No. Cremation

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