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Provenza is not happy to be investigating a murder in sleepy Atwater Village, especially because NorthEast Division is busy with Active Shooting Training. The murder is especially bloody and Provenza wants to make sure the blood all belongs to the victim. Dust on the desk tells Tao which laptops were on the desk. 

Sanchez finds a wig in the roommate's bedroom, which he finds weird. The roommate seems to be a stoner type who says he was renting a room and was about to move. His room was padlocked because Gavin, the victim, was paranoid and that the security signs and cameras are fake.

Tao finds a lot of ruined electronics in the bathtub and is upset that someone would do something like that to them.  A boxcutter is also found and the ME confirms it is likely the murder weapon. The team also finds threatening texts on the roommate's computer. The roommate admits the victim had incriminating photos of him.

Rusty tells Sharon he can't talk to Gus. In the meantime it's discovered the victim was a burglar. Later, Rusty is upset because Gus broke up with him when he didn't want to move in with him.

The team continues to make fun of their prime suspect wearing a wig as they look through a bunch of stolen goods and illegal items they found. The owner of a stolen laptop doesn't really want to talk about it. She works in reality TV and she thought her place was safe because she had a wireless alarm. 

The security company is contacted and the lawyer does most of the talking. They apparently wanted to avoid lawsuits by ignoring their employee was stealing and settling with him out of court after firing them.

Flynn thinks the suspect board looks like a game of Clue. Hobbs isn't happy that there are 13 suspects. They only have interviewed two. 

Provenza thinks the roommate is suspicious but Hobbs says that is only justified if the two were lovers who lived together, freaking Rusty out.

A bunch of people are interviewed rapid fire and were mostly robbed after their alarms were installed.

Most of the people didn't believe the cops would care about stolen laptops. One girl is caught lying and then a lot of people admit to being blackmailed.

Andy tells Sharon that Tao is going through the database and nothing matches the victim or his roommate. 

One of the victims is questioned about withdrawals at his bank. He admits that his laptop was stolen but didn't want to confess to committing a crime by paying the ransom for it. Sharon warns him that they are searching and will find child porn if he has it. The man insists he didn't have anything to do with any pictures. He says he found it online. HE is interrogated further and asks for his attorney.

Hobbs says that they will make a deal if he didn't molest children. His lawyer keeps telling him to shut up as he goes on about how he was molested as a child. Either he provides the names of all involved with the child porn trade or take murder -- or it is revealed to the prisoners that he had child porn.

Rusty goes to talk to Gus and they make up, unfortunately. Meanwhile, Sanchez isn't happy that they made a deal with Dean Lewis because he watched child porn so he is horrible.


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Provenza: Ah, Sanchez is here. Where's Nolan?
Buzz: He left to take care of something else.
Provenza: Something else? Isn't this enough?

Provenza: Sykes. What in the hell are we doing here?
Sykes: Uh, there's a murder?
Provenza: In 30 years, I've never worked a murder in Atwater Village. You know this is the Mayberry of L.A. They don't even have meter maids here.
Sykes: They call them Parking Enforcement.