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A car follows a guy on a bike and runs him over. At the scene, Howard informs Provenza that hit and run accidents are a big problem in LA and therefore are a major crime from now on. Buzz agrees with him because he's had problems with cars while on his bike.

Kendall can barely finish examining the body because his cousin was also killed in a hit and run. Sykes reports that the victim's name was William Sachs and that he was a law student at USC. Their only lead is a text from someone named Cliff who says that this wasn't over and he was going to beat Will.

The cops talk to Will's fiancee, who is extremely upset and says everyone loved Will. Cliff was his best friend and would never hurt him.

At a dinner for Sharon and Andy's engagement, Provenza claims not to like the health food cake, but confides to Rusty that he is bothered by this case because there seems to be no motive to  kill Will and he seems like everyone's favorite person.

Sharon finds out that Will and Cliff were competing for a clerk job in a judge's office and Will won. Sharon thinks that may be a motive for murder, though an odd one. The team interviews Cliff who has a bunch of stupid things to say about how he ribbed Will about only being hired because he's black but eventually says he knows Will wrote a better essay than him. The judge says Will wrote an essay about how he killed another teenager while driving at the age of 16.

Provenza tells his wife he is thinking about retiring .While talking to her, he realizes Will changed his name. Will's family admits they all changed their names to start over after the accident. Will, then known as Malik Lewis, killed a classmate named Kevin Harris.

The team interviews Kevin's mother who is still grieving.

In order to get proof, they (with permission) vandalize a bunch of cars including Mrs. Harris' so she'll have to take her car to the body shop where the murder weapon is. Mrs. Harris doesn't think to go to a different shop and falls into the trap. She explains that Malik/Will contacted her and she was angry that he had a bright future and her son was dead and never mentioned as the catalyst for Will's transformation.

Mrs. Harris is arrested, though she claims the jury will think she provided justice for her son's death.

Later, Provenza tells Sharon he's going to retire unless she becomes the new Assistant Chief.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Provenza: Sykes, what do we know?
Amy: Victim is WIlliam Sachs, 24. He was apparently a USC law student who was on his way home when he made a wrong turn under someone's car. His last text from was a Cliff saying, "This isn't over. I'm gonna beat you."
Provenza: Maybe we can get this Cliff on two things. Vehicular manslaughter and texting while driving.

Buzz: Well I don't know if it's a major crime, but I can tell you from experience, the car/bike thing is a major problem.
Provenza: You're going to regret selling that Prius. You'll learn that the hard way.