On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21, the investigation becomes more pressing after three people are shot to death on a sidewalk and Rusty learns more about his bio mom's situation.

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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21 picks up the investigation into multiple murders committed with an Uzi. Sykes is again dispatched to deal with Hickman while most of the cops focus on Buddha. Hickman is drunk but lucid and tells Sykes his wife goes nuts whenever this case comes up because of his affair with Rachel Gray, while Buddha's interview doesn't get very far before he demands a lawyer.

While the cops are investigating these murders and trying to find a link to Reverend Price, Rusty finds out from Sharon where his bio mom is being held. He asserts to Sharon that she is his mom, then goes off to jail to try to convince his mother to cut a deal with the DA. She refuses to because she says that Gary will kill Rusty if she does and tells him never to come back again.

Daniel Price pays John Barnes' bail and Stephanie and Julio stake out Barnes' house. Barnes doesn't show, but down the street a few people are shot to death, making the case even more pressing. The MCU plans to arrest Barnes at Tamika's funeral the next day, but he doesn't show. However, the burner phone used to call Tamika and Emil shortly before their deaths shows up in a surprising place.

Who had the phone? What happened at the end of the episode? Watch Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21 online to find out.

Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21, a potential gang war erupts with three more murders and Sharon focuses attention on a former LAPD detective.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (26 Votes)
Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Sanchez: Cause of death?
ME: Too much of a good thing, but that's unconfirmed.

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