On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 9, a viral video of a man's death leads to more questions than answers, as the dead man was wielding a gun that didn't belong to him.

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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 9 starts off with a viral video of a half-naked man running down the street with a gun. The crime is given to Provenza and the other Major Crimes detectives to investigate after the man collapses and dies. The victim turns out to be John Price, and he was stabbed with a screwdriver--but what's his story and how did he end up in the street?

The investigation leads to a seedy hotel and a missing plumber. Detectives consider whether the victim was having an affair with the plumber or what else might have been going on, especially since his car was still registered to his ex-wife and the gun in his hand belonged to someone else who has been missing for almost a year. The victim's ex-wife has no love for him--but was her anger enough to kill him?

While the detectives are trying to wrap their head around the specifics of this strange crime, Rusty is continuing to deal with the fallout of his investigation into "Alice's" death. Thanks to Rusty's hard work, Alice's brother Gus is able to ID the body, but he won't cooperate with a police investigation unless he can get help burying his sister and finding his other sister Paloma. Flynn comes up with a possible solution, but will it make things worse rather than better?

Watch Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 9 online and find out who killed John Price and what will happen now that Rusty finished his investigation!

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On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 9, the team investigates when an online video shows a bloodied, half-naked man walking down a street with a gun.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I guess social media is running us now the way the press used to.


Yes. This is Mariana. She's older. Almost grownup.