On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 13, the detectives wrap up their investigation into the conspiracy and Buzz has mixed feelings about finding his family's killer.

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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 13 wraps up a lot of loose ends and leaves viewers with a cliffhanger.

The detectives continue their investigation into the conspiracy and realize that the Z-Brotherhood gets little out of the courtroom shooting because it just brought police attention to their activities. Thus, someone else must have been behind this shooting, someone who wanted to dismantle the Brotherhood.

The investigation leads the cops to a trucking company that is being used to help traffick drugs and guns. Jordan Graff is on the board of directors, as is Darnell's mother. The detectives realize Ms. Darnell lied to them about this connection.

Meanwhile, Julio is heartbroken when he learns that Mark's grandparents have been located and are interested in adopting Mark. He feels attached to the boy but the CPS worker tells him this was always just a temporary placement. Julio and Mark must say goodbye to each other even though it is very painful for both of them.

The detectives' investigation turns up a surprising suspect after Nolan must blow his cover to interview a Neo-Nazi. Meanwhile, Rusty goes behind everyone's back to definitively identify Bill Jones, one of the suspects in the ATM robberies, but Buzz has a surprising reaction when he visits Jones' house.

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Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 13, Buzz's investigation comes to an unforeseen end while the team gets closer to the mastermind in the Dwight Darnell murders.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Look, Mark has his own room in my house, and I bought him a bike helmet so that he can learn to ride my bike and we're getting him caught up on his reading and spelling.


What if Calderon was targeted too?