Caught Off Guard - Manhunt: UNABOMBER
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1997, Northern California.

Jim "Fitz" Fitzgerald is out living the land, hunting rabbit and keeping to himself. When he gets back to his cabin, he encounters a trespasser. It's Don Ackerman.

Two years earlier, Fitz was graduating as an FBI profiler. Later in the day, his family has for him a large congratulatory party.

On the night of his party, Frank McAlpine and another fellow drop by. The other fellow wants to know why he's 10 years older than the other graduates and languished for 10 years as a beat cop. Then they want him to look at a letter.

Fitz thinks they're making fun of him. He figures it out immediately.

The guy? It's Andy Genelli, head of the UNABOMB task force. The case isn't closed after all. The Unabomber has struck again.

Fitz won't go work the case because he just got back to his family.

When his family gets a package on the same day as a Newsweek featuring the sketch of the Unabomber, Fitz changes his mind.

In 1997, Dan Ackerman and Stan Cole want Fitz back to interview the Unabomber. Ted Kaczynski asked for him specifically. Fitz doesn't want to budge. We don't know what happened between 1995 and now, but it can't be pretty.

In retaliation, Fitz takes all of his notes and magazines and begins burning them. Then he gets into his car in the middle of the night and takes off.

In 1995 he lands in San Francisco. Tabby Martin greets him. She's the only profiler on the UTF. The task force itself is a fairly humming hive of activity.

Fitz is expected to turn in a 15-page profile based off of a one-page summary. That's needed in a month without support. From a man who just graduated from the academy. Their latest "clues" lead them to believe he has an issue with wood because of moss and that wood means erectile dysfunction. Fitz wants to toss it all and start from scratch.

When Fitz goes to Ackerman and Cole, they have no desire to give him the tools he needs to create an accurate profile because they've already had good profilers and all the profiles they need. They all contradict each other. McAlpine says he can find magic in letters. Do it, find wood and write up the profile.

1997, Stanford University.

Fitz goes to see a professor named Natalie. He needs her help with the Unabomber case. She seems pretty damned upset he disappeared and not all that inclined to help.

Fitz needs her help so he can understand what happened. She thinks he wanted Ted in his life more than he wanted anything or anyone else.


Fitz is at the bar, considering hanging with the others. Instead, he grabs his keys and heads to Sacramento to his job. FC begins speaking about sheep again.

Fitz is at the site of one of the blasts. He needs to understand what happened to Gil Murray.

Fitz wonders why it's enough for FC to kill from afar unlike any other serial killer in history. He uses the US Mail to send a message, but what is it? What does Dad It Is I mean?

Harmonizing with the orchestra bullshit is all Ackerman wants to talk about. But while it's happening, Andy Genelli has great news for Fitz. FC's manifesto was just delivered. Industrial Society and Its Future.


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Manhunt: UNABOMBER Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Fitz: You're saying this is from him, the Unabomber?
Genelli: His most recent letter. Fifty FBI agents have been going over that letter with a fine tooth comb for two weeks. Not one of them saw the emordnilap. Not even me. I've had profilers working on this thing for 15 years, and we're right back where we started. I need somebody that sees things differently, and like it or not, that is you.

I want to send you. It's one month. You go out there, build a profile and come back to the BAU with a big gold star.