Happy Times
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Cal is arrested and Ben tries to help. Drea says she deleted the fingerprints, but the jig is up if they get his DNA.

A calling sends Ben to another passenger from Season 1. He plays keys and the numbers glow. The numbers lead to Dr. Bates who tells Ben the truth about Cal.

He asks to see him and Bates says he needs surgery so she tells the Registry it and he is set free.

Angelina's mother is the murderer and she has Angelina and Adrian at an old building.

Eagan has a calling and is scared about his own life so he stays with the Stones. Saanvi uses some of the sapphires on him but is scared to hurt him so she gives up.

Things take a turn when Eagan knows where sapphire is.

Angelina leaves Adrian to die, but the cops save him in time.

Her father shows up at the Stone house and shoots Zeke, but he is killed by Olive who pushes him through the window.

TJ returns when Olive needs him the most and he says that he knows where sapphire is in New York... but Eagan is already there, trying to get it for his own gain.

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