On Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7, Annie and her dad, Kevin 2, compete over who gets to have cousin Scooby attend their wedding. Meanwhile, Gil befriends some kids after feeling rejected by Dennah and Kay. Check out all the hijinks by watching Marry Me online!

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When you watch Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7, you'll find Annie and Kevin 2 compteing over cool cousin Scooby when he reveals he can only attend one of their weddings. Annie and Kevin 2 get into a bride war over Scooby. They each try to manipulate Scooby into coming to their weddings. Jake decides to scheme a little bit to get them to a resolution. Jake suggests a combined wedding. Both are horrified by this notion, but act okay with it. Annie cracks under pressure and announces she can't go through with a joint wedding. Kevin 2 and Annie come to an understanding and make up. Scooby will go to Annie's wedding. Meanwhile, Gil feels rejected by the group since everyone is always so busy. He befriends some kids. Dennah and Kay track Gil down to apologize.

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On Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7, Annie competes with her father for the attention of her favorite cousin.

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Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Law & Order's not going to watch itself. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it could because it's that awesome.


Gil: So my place is getting fumigated 'cause I have fleas from that alley cat I fought.
Kay: It was just a piece of chicken, man. You should've let it go.