Destroying Zero Matter - Marvel's Agent Carter
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Desperate to get Whitney's mind off of Zero Matter and back on him, Joseph makes a deal with Howard, Peggy, and Daniel that will give them access to her work, and hopefully cure Whitney of her obsession with Zero Matter. 

Now with all of the data they need to create an anti-Zero Matter machine, Howard Stark, Jason, and Dr. Samberly get to work making a machine that will cure Whitney of Zero Matter, as well as destroy it all together. 

Jack discovers that the pin for the Council is actually a key, though he is unsure of what that key will open. Jack decides that rather than keep that information to himself, he should share it with Peggy, cementing his status as a good guy, ultimately.

When the Zero Matter machine will not shut off, Daniel sacrifices his safety in order to save everyone else on the mission, much to Peggy's dismay. 

Jarvis saves the day, reminding Howard that he has invented a hover-car, which destroys the Zero Matter from the inside. 

Peggy and Jason find closure together by deciding that if they had met at another time, in another place, there may have been hope for them.

Jarvis brings Ana home from the hospital, just in time for her to say goodbye to Peggy. 

Whitney, now in SSR custody, sits in a padded cell hallucinating about the life she could have had.

After Jarvis convinces Peggy that all she needs is one good reason to stay in Los Angeles, she finally gives in and kisses Daniel.


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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm going to open a new door and this time it's going to stay open.


Peggy's life is always getting threatened...I'm just saying, maybe the problem is you.

Howard Stark