Things Get Heated - Mayor of Kingstown
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Milo hovers over Iris before laying on the floor beside the bed.

She asks if he spoke to Candace, and he recalls dead Candace before saying he did. He says she said it was just Iris. Iris says she won't lie to him. She thought he was dead in the riot, and she didn't know where to go. He wonders if she fucked Mike. No. He believes her.

Mercury Courier Service drops off some SWAT members outside of an apartment building. They enter, guns drawn. The infiltrate an apartment housing a woman and several children. It's Bunny's grandma. Ian arrives and tells them to lower their weapons. Stevie gets her a chair. She asks if the know where her grandson is. They do. That's why they're here.

A Fed asks Mike about Iris's disappearance. He says Mike's a federal informant, and they pay him to inform. Mike says he'll inform. He doesn't know fuckin' shit.

Rebecca gives Mike a cup of coffee at the office and then a piece of her mind.

Mike doesn't get a sip of his coffee before he gets wind that Ian and Stevie raided the Commons. Lots of fucks getting tossed around. Dang.

Bunny is called to the perimeter by someone outside the fence. Rafael thinks Mike's the last fuckin' dude who should be givin' instructions. He blames it all on Mike. Bunny wants to trust Mike for now. If it doesn't go his way, they'll run it their way.

By the time Bunny gets to the perimeter, Mike is there. Bunny is cuffed. Bunny says Mike's finger is in the dyke, but shit's never gonna get smoothed out.

Bunny needs the guards to keep their backs turned at 5 tomorrow while he knocks off what sounded like cheapskate.

Kyle is in town and visits homicide. He looks around the place with longing before Ian runs over for a hug, followed by others.

Kyle's been suspended pending an investigation, and he quit. He wants to be back here. Ian says he can. But they're getting pushback about the shoot. Once it comes back clean, he's golden.

Ian wants Kyle to talk to someone, but Kyle says he doesn't need a shrink. He needs a job.

Kyle goes to Mike. He's gotta fuckin' earn. Kyle says if he takes a break, he'll lose it. He needs something to do. Mike assigns him the train station, shelters, etc., to find Iris. Kyle wants him to give that to the feds. If she's still here...

Mike heads to a bar where he finds Joseph. Mike says he's just checkin' in on him, making sure he's OK. He wonders if he's talked to Milo yet. They chat, and Mike hears a baby. He wonders if Joseph killed her. Waht do you think happens when a whore talks to the feds? Mike rages, beating the two silly.

Mike calls Evelyn. He needs release dates. She asks him to meet her at Warwick Detention. He doesn't want to, but he goes anyway. She said the world is changing and he needs to see it.

Joseph finds someone injecting something in Iris's stomach before injecting her with a tracker or something. This is her new home. She's got to make $5000 a night. If she makes eight, it will be good; if she makes four, she'll have a problem.

Kareem is visiting Warwick with Mike and Evelyn. Warwick Group will have all the prisons in the next few years. They're going to take the prisoners to these various places. The woman says they know how to warehouse and have plenty of places. Mike is like, aw, hell no.

A gal named Dotty (maybe) or Toddy is in charge. Iris asks if she can go see Milo. Only if he calls. Hot Toddy gives Iris some drugs for hope. I don't think that's how it works.

Mike gets another call with bad news, but Hot Toddy is there with news on Iris. She offers to leave a door open for him at the club so he can put on a cape and save Iris.

He finds the open door. The club is hoppin'. There are girls dancing in cages. Mike works his way upstairs and begins opening doors. Someone comes up from behind and clubs him over the head. Joseph wonders what he's looking for. Joseph threatens Mike and then pistol whips him, but Mike gets the jump on him and shows himself out.

Bunny looks up at the guards, and like they're in a music video, they turn their backs in obedience to the request. Bunny sends signals across the yard, and various fights break out. He's on his bed when he's accosted by some other dudes. Bunny poked the dude's eyes out with his thumbs. Then it was over.

Mike arrives at the prison again. Bunny is covered in blood. Bunny is pissed that his home was raided and Mike didn't tell him. Bunny says he's got 48 hours to get him out of there, or his family will pay. Mike can't protect anyone, and Bunny was almost killed. Get him out. Mike owes him that much.

Mike wants Carney to make it his personal mission that nobody touches Bunny.

Mayor of Kingstown
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Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mike, when whore talks to feds, what do you think happens?


Mike: Listen to me. What do they need in here to make things right?
Bunny: Cheapskate's gotta get knocked off. My cousin will run point when I get out.
Mike: Yeah. What do you need from me?
Bunny: Backs turned, five o'clock tomorrow.