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Iris is blindfolded with someone walking behind her. It's Mike. He's guiding her to a dingy in the water and won't let her remove the blindfold.

They arrive at a sailboat called Bad Optics. There's no bears in the middle of the lake, right? It's a drug siezure that will be up for sale in a week. They can't or won't sleep, so he figures maybe they'll be lulled on the water.

He, and many others like him, are hounded by the horrors they witnessed, and only madness or dementia can remove it.

A woman goes to the basement. Captain Moore is on the floor, howling and crying. She assures him he's OK. He's home. Her daughter wanders down. The riots really did a number on him.

The prison is still a mess. There are tents set up outside, porta-potties scattered around. Beatings aare on the regular, and nobody can stop them. Maybe no one wants to.

The result is that inside and outside, utter chaos reigns.

A team of cops is infiltrating a drug lab. They're armed to the teeth. Nobody has on masks, and that place is hopping. A kid comes in from outside, weapon in hand, and he's gunned down when he doesn't drop it, the cop muttering, I only asked three times.

Mike has to get Iris back to the cabin so he can get to work. She wants to stay. Can't she keep it for a week? He agrees.

Ian calls Mike to the scene of the dog eating a man inside the car. Ian freaks, unloading his whole magazine on the dog.

Until they figure out who is in charge on this inside, this is what it's going to be.

Mike says they're making it really hard to keep the peace when they're raiding the peacekeepers cook houses. Bunny calls Mike, angry as hell about the cook house raid.

Miriam is heading inside. Damn, she's brave. The women are all seated in a circle. They look pretty banged up. Her class is about life being a series of choices, and their bad choices that led them hear doesn't rob them from more choices. They made a choice to come to class and will choose whether to study or blow it off. She's put off by the stormtroopers pacing the room. Either they leave, or class is over. Class is over.

Captain Moore is meeting with a psychologist. He's acting a lot stronger than we've seen. The doctor says that it's been reported that he was sexually assaulted during the riot, but Moore is adamant he wasn't. He wants the OK to go back to work to provide for his family. As the doctor writes a note, Moore's face goes dim. He says he wants to complete the career to which he dedicated his life so he can retire on his terms and receive his pension. He gets the stamp of approval.

Mike's on the scene to talk with Bunny. Mike wonders how long before the cops have a drone up there. Bunny laments that there aren't any more leaders to pick as everyone left after the raid are either too green or sorry as shit. Leaders rise by badge hunting, and there will be hits on the cops.

They can't get product in, so they can't get money out. It's the guards, Bunny says. Mike reminds him that they killed 33 guards and raped the rest with their own billy clubs. They're eager for round two. Bunny says the guys can't blink first, but Mike says too late. They're living in tents without phones, drugs, money, or a yard. They're lucky to get food.

Bunny says he's hiding out on the roof through all this shit.

Mike meets the gang at the restaurant. The prisoners are a mess in those tents, and they're all hammering on each other, but they don't have weapons so it's like schoolyard brawls. Mike warns them to back off until they have a pecking order inside so they have order outside. Until they have that, chaos will rein.

Mike wants them to double their presence on the street but pull back, too. Then Mike learns they haven't had eyes on Milo. He's not on the dead list, but they're still processing the dead.

Stevie follows Mike out. Mike was the last person to talk to Duke. If Stevie's got to sweep up, he needs to know what got broke. Mike says everything is broken.

Captain Moore is inside. He's got a steely glaze and some prisoners with their heads bagged. He beats the hell out of them, seemingly crushing their heads with the butt of a rifle. Damn. It's brutal.

Rebecca wonders if Mike is coming into the office. Wendy Morris from the Warrick Group called. Mike says if she calls back, tell her to fuck off. Rebecca says no. OK. Then say it your way, just make sure she hears the fuck off part.

Mike's next call is to Evelyn Foley. She's at the coroner's, so he'll meet her there.

It's a stinky mess, and Evelyn says they're still finding bodies in nooks and crannies. He sticks vicks up his nose to saunch the stench. Kyle took a job upstate. Wow. I didn't expect that.

Evelyn knows Milo isn't listed anywhere. There is a cluster of sex offenders who were torched alive. Mike says nobody was torching Milo. She says they have 197 dead and 724 criminal investigations. Mike knows Milo got out. He could have even walked right out the front door in a guard's uniform. She's leery of issuing a statewide alert, but he doesn't think they have any other choice.

Mike finds Iris sunning herself on the boat. They've got to go. He's not revealing why, but he's on high alert for Milo.

An old fellow is working with pigeons. He's sending a message to his son. Mike wonders how often they send each other messages. Every Wednesday. He's missed a lot of calls over the years, but he's never missed a pigeon.

Mike's hoping they'll send Iris to Denver in witness protection. He doesn't think she'll go if he doesn't take her. Then she won't go. She's not ready and doesn't want to go. But she gets a new identity, a house, a car, and a job. She can start a new life. She decides the course of it instead of always looking over her shoulder. They cannot call or visit. That's how it works. She wonders why he did something as nice as the boat? It was for him to make him feel better about all of this. It wasn't for her. He says she's fuckin' welcome for getting a second chance. She storms off into the arms of the marshalls.

Miriam is buying a bottle of Red Label. She's accosted outside, her bottle is smashed, and she's fighting for her life over some cash in her purse. She's got a bloody lip, but the photo of her boys is left behind.

Kyle is on water patrol. He and his partner are in pursuit of some Canadian smugglers, and his partner thinks it's ridiculous he's arming himself. Kyle says all smugglers have guns, even Canadians.

They board the boat while a helicopter hovers. They're smuggling maple syrup. Kyle wonders what kind of drugs they're hiding in there. The guy laughs. It's really maple syrup, and they're just jumping the tariffs. Kyle is disgusted with how poorly the guy performed, not even frisking the guys. Kyle is used to something much different than maple syrup runners.

Ian and Stevie are with Miriam. They found the guy down the street. He had a gun on him. Miriam is adamant that he didn't use it, but he could have, as Ian points out.

She sees the guy, a bloody mess. Ian said he resisted. She refuses to press charges. How very New York City DA of her.

Iris is in holding as people stream in and out. She overhears the officers talking. They don't want her to worry, but Mike is finally in the office, and Iris walks in wanting to know if Milo is out. He doesn't know, but she wants to know what his heart is saying. It's true.

Mayor of Kingstown
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Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

The consequence of a riot is dismantling the illusion that prison is controlled by the guards. The consequence of putting down the riot is dismantling the leadership structure within the inmates. All that remains is chaos until a new leadership structure is created, and when there are no leaders inside, there are no leaders outside. All gangs are from prison because that's where all gangsters end up. And so is our new reality, and that reality is chaos.


My father used to say, I can't wait to get old, for my mind to soften, and my memories to rot away. The hardest thing to do is forget, forget the scars that life gives you, forget the scars you gave others. The challenge, then, is hiding a few memories worth keeping from your dying mind. He told me to keep a journal and only write down the good things. Then, when the bad things fade away, you can read about the happy life you had. But minds don't forget so easy, and the horror that we witness and endure takes root. Only madness and dementia can remove it.