Mayor of Kingstown Season 3

Bunny and Mike - MOK S03E02 Guts - Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Episode 2

In Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Episode 2, Guts, a laced heroine, is going through the prison, killing multiple prisoners and leaving Bunny in trouble.

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Mayor of Kingstown
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Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Quotes

Mike: Yeah.
Bunny: Mike. It's bodies dropping left and right man.
Mike: Yeah, I know. I'm on my way.
Bunny: Bitch cut the heroine with some foul shit, Mike. She probably broke up enough to set herself up.
Mike: Well look I'm not one for I told ya soes. But ...
Bunny: It's going to be bad for Raph. Okay? They gonna be all over his ass.
Mike: Look, I'll get to him. Alright? Want me to fix this?
Bunny: How?
Mike: I'll make it right. You just can't bitch about it later.
Bunny: Mike, I'm getting deja vu right now Mike. I don't like it.
Mike: I'm going to fix it. You're welcome.

Mike: So what's the dope laced with?
Evelyn: A narcotic. A Neapolitan. It's a combination of drugs. It's going to take a minute but they're going to isolate the compounds. Talking about molecular structure. I don't know. I don't know. What I do know, this guy's heart gave out. 30 years old. No track marks. No evidence of long-term use. 22 years old. She was a goddamn mother of three.
Mike: Yeah, there's Meth.
Evelyn: Yeah.
Mike: Fentanyl. Bleach.
Evelyn: I don't know. We gotta wait for the lab.
Mike: Yeah, that'll take a minute.
Evelyn: Yeah.
Mike: So, what can I do for you?
Evelyn: There's bodies dropping in the prison.
Mike: That's DOC.
Evelyn: Yeah, and the streets.
Mike: That's KPD.
Evelyn: This is a goddamn death march. We're breaking out in sores, like lepers, okay? It's going to hit the schools next. Because it always does.
Mike: Yeah, well I can only deal with what's in front of me. And what the fuck is really in front of me here?