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In this episode ...

  • David found the joy of of having the income that the Coal brings in but also the stress and headache that comes with the territory.
  • Lauren had sex for money but now she feels sorry. The doctor is doing all that she can for her man to forgive her countless sins.
  • Ella still has a job, but for how long? Ella enlisted Jonah and David to find out who is setting her up to look like a thief at WPK.

David’s new role as a restaurant owner is put to the test after he loses some of his staff on the day an important food critic has come to review Coal.

In an effort to get David to forgive her for being unfaithful as well as lying to him about her secret call-girl profession, Lauren pitches in as a waitress and hostess and helps him out of his jam.

Ella wants to hack into the WPK files to erase the fake evidence against her for embezzlement, but Jonah strongly disagrees with her tactics, so she looks to David for help.

With Drew’s help, Riley throws a fundraiser for her education foundation, but when Drew tries to increase the donations by auctioning off a date with Riley, things go awry after Drew and a jealous Jonah get into a bidding war.

Melrose Place
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