Dwight with a Gun
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A storm rolls into Memphis, causing the city to go into evacuation mode and the MPD to take on some tough cases in the midst of the chaos.

Dwight and Whitehead head to the reading of the will of someone Whitehead knew as a child, as we come to find out, Whitehead’s mom was the maid at the Archer mansion. While there, the duo must solve the murder of Virgil Archer’s son, weeding the killer out of dysfunctional family.

At the precinct, those who stayed behind as emergency responders, mainly Lt. Rice, Sutton and Greenback, have to figure out the identity of a man in lockup who can’t remember who he is or how he arrived at the MPD.


Memphis Beat
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Memphis Beat Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

It's fourth and long partner. We're gonna need a hail mary.

Dwight[to Whitehead]

I spent a week at Myrtle Beach once, wish I could forget some of the stuff that happened there...