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Terry quits Thoreau Chevy after realizing that he needs a creative outlet for a profession.  The success of the commercial he made him want to pursue directing.  He thinks it over, and then asks Erin to give him one year to do it, and if it doesn't work out, he'll go back to selling cars.

Owen runs into problems with the car wash at the dealership, and his father tells him to scrap the whole thing.  When an angry customer comes to complain about the broken car wash, Owen Sr. throws the man in the street.  Owen Jr. disagrees with this method and the employees back him.  Owen Sr. threatens to sell the place to Scarpulla, but ultimately backs his son as well.

Joe plays in a pre-qualifying tournament for the Senior Tour.  After enduring a two stroke penalty thanks to a caddy mistake by Albert, he works his way back to the top of the leader board only to blow it on the last hole.  Thanks to a torrential downpour, and the bad play of the other players, he back his way into fifth place, qualifying him for the next round.

Men of a Certain Age
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Men of a Certain Age Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

You are going to take that great "what if" that's been itching you, and you're gonna scratch the hell out of it.


Terry: The universe will give me what it wants to give me.
Owen: I thought you were off the pot.