A Small Town - Midnight, Texas
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Manfred is helping his client contact her dead husband, Harold. Harold takes over his body, but Manfred fights it out of him. 

Manfred moves to Midnight where he meets Bobo. Bobo mentions that his fiance Aubrey is missing. 

He goes to town to have dinner and meets Creek, a waitress, and Lemuel, a vampire who leaches energy from him. 

The next day at a picnic, Aubrey's body is found in the river. 

Dead Aubrey visits Manfred and asks for help. 

The sheriff informs Bobo and Fiji that Aubrey was married five years ago. 

Aubrey uses Manfred's Ouija board and spells out "Pecados."

Manfred takes the cops to Pecados and they find the gun that shot Aubrey.

Olivia kidnaps Manfred and questions him if her dad sent him. He says he's there because his dead grandmother told him he'd be safe. Lemuel says he's one of them. 

A few bikers come by and attack the pawn shop. Bobo, Lemuel, and Olivia kill them. 

We learn Joe is an angel who watches over the town. Fiji casts a spell involving Aubrey's hair while her talking cat provides commentary. 

Bobo is arrested for Aubrey's murder. The murder weapon belonged to him. He claims he is innocent. 



Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Xylda: You'll be safe in Midnight.
Manfred: That would mean a whole lot more coming from someone who wasn't dead.

Olivia: Fiji, why aren't you jumping already?
Fiji: That's not what I was thinking. I was admiring his cooking techniques. And don't make that dirty.