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In a pre-marriage interview with a priest at the Catholic church Mike and Molly are supposed to get married in, Molly admits to not being Catholic. The church cancels their reservation and the couple is forced to look for new venues. More importantly, it jeopardizes their relationship when Mike suggests that Molly should be less opinionated. Peggy pushes hard for Mike to not forgive Molly for her opinionated behavior, but Mike stands up to his mom. Eventually, Mike and Molly work it out and go to Nana's Baptist church to make their wedding reservation. 

Mike & Molly
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Mike & Molly Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

We have weddings for our parishioners, which you are not, and we were willing to make an exception frankly because we're still quite scared of your mother.


Peggy: Just make sure he knows that you two are good Catholics and that you're not living together in sin.
Molly: But I'm not and we are!