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With only three weeks to go before her wedding, Molly discovers that her dress is too tight. In order to lose the final six pounds before her wedding, Molly goes on a crazy diet and starts forcing Mike to work out with her. She quickly spirals out of control, and when a woman at the gym insults her, Molly vandalizes the woman's car. Mike bails her out of jail and tries to comfort her, telling her she's always beautiful to him. Molly is flattered, but once she has set a goal for herself she has to meet it so she plans on at least sticking to her exercise regime, if not her diet.

Mike & Molly
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Mike & Molly Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Carl: Now if you want to get into your bride's head a little bit, just change "boobs" to "holy matrimony".
Mike: Wow, I had no idea it consumed their every though and dictated their every action.

Thought you had me didn't you, you fun sized little b**ch!

Molly [to candy bar]