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-Harry finds out he needs an influx of cash to help his restaurant. He tells Savi not to quit the firm.


-At a party, Dom congratulates Harry on his upcoming child, not knowing he could be the baby daddy as well.  Harry punches him and Dom realizes the truth.


-Joss moves in with April after her fight with Savi and she and Alex get closer.


-Joss' boss, Olivier is attracted to Alex. Joss is not amused.


-Karen fears Sam Grey is stalking her. She invited insurance investigator Anthony Neusome over to help install flood lights. She invites him in for a drink but sends him away when he tries to kiss her goodnight. The next morning she doesn't see Sam watching her from across the street.


-April agrees to go on a romantic weekend with Richard. She goes to Paul's grave, leaves her wedding ring and says goodbye.  The next day, Paul turns up on her doorstep, very much alive.

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Consider me an emotional Switzerland.


I have a hard time separating from my footwear. They're like sets of twin babies.