Mistresses Review: Don't Answer the Door!

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Mistresses was back this week in all its soapy glory. It featured so many emotional twists and turns that it left me hanging on to my sofa.

I'm definitely "All In" for the rest of the summer fun. Let's review the latest installment, character by character...

A Public Meeting

Savi - Harry's buddy and finance manager dropped an interesting bombshell: Savi used her life savings to back Harry's restaurant. 

Am I a complete cynic or did Harry's "we'll get through this" come a little too quickly on the heels of finding out he might have to give up his beloved lamb dish without an influx of cash? And Savi will certainly have a lot less of that if she ditches her job for another firm. 

Savi told Dom she was sticking around and it took all of 60 seconds for their natural chemistry to rise to the surface, even if they did promise to give one another space. 

That was until the retirement bash. I could practically hear the tap dancing in Savi's head as she frantically tried to find a way to tell Harry to stay home. Instead the two showed up together, exuding all of the awkward tension of a couple trying to navigate a party while not at all comfortable in one another's company.

I practically covered my eyes when Dom tried to be a nice guy and congratulated Harry on the upcoming blessed event. Poor guy never saw that punch coming. And as Savi attempted to defend her actions by telling Dom she'd done everything she could to make this right, he was left thinking that none of this was right where he was concerned. 

Then his possible baby daddy status finally dawned on him and nothing between these two will ever be the same.

How Savi could be surprised that Harry spent the night out was mind boggling. The guy just came face to face with the man she had sex with on her office desk. I think he deserved 12 and a half hours of air. 

But Harry's reaction was a little disturbing. Although I could understand why punching Dom would be satisfying, I didn't trust the sudden calm that seemed to envelope him. That huge kitchen island that stood between Savi and Harry seemed to symbolize the emotional rift that remained between them.

Joss - Still reeling over her smack down from Savi last week, she bunked with April and Lucy. Joss' "realtor reflex" was too darn cute and she ended up being a great friend when April was having an emotional meltdown... but we'll get back to that in a bit. 

For some reason, Joss was all out of sorts when new boss Olivier was attracted to gal pal Alex. So much so that she dragged Alex to a bar and decided to try and feel her up dance with her while the guys were watching. Alex called her out on her crap and left her with cab fare. 

Their makeup scene was adorable in a completely platonic, good friend sort of way but this relationship has to be at least a little stressful for Alex. I mean, I'm a heterosexual female and I think Joss is smokin' hot. Alex has already had shower sex with her. How must she feel?

Karen - If I ever need therapy, it won't be with Karen. She described Sam's stalking as a schoolboy crush to Savi. Funny, I've never seen anyone buy pepper spray to ward off a crush.

Then she invited the insurance investigator over to install her flood lights, invited him in, offered him a drink and then pulled out a giant STOP sign when he attempted to kiss her goodnight. Talk about the queen of mixed signals. 

Finally we get to April. Poor April. She really can't catch a break. 

She went on a fantastic date with a great guy who wanted to take her away for a romantic weekend. As a soap fan I will forever love this Mistresses quote

Richard: What are your thoughts on Santa Barbara?
April: The 80s soap? | permalink

When April saw Paul across the street, at least she waited until she got home for her freak out.  And there was Joss, being a good friend and reminding her that…

For three years you've been sad about Paul and for a month you've been mad about Paul. Either way it's always been about Paul. | permalink

So April took a deep breath, put on her big girl pants and went to Paul's grave where she thanked him for some of the best years of her life, left her wedding ring and said goodbye. I swear I'm beginning to flinch every time someone knocks on April's door. 

And there stood Paul. The man who cheated on her. Fathered another woman's child. Faked his own damn death and now he's got the nerve to show up on her doorstep?!?  As much as I want to hear this explanation, I think I want to see April hit him with a really heavy object first. 

Soapy summer goodness was never so decadent as it's been on Mistresses. Is Harry interested in saving his marriage or stringing Savi along for a payday? Will the baby daddy be revealed next week? Is Anthony Neusome hot for Karen or secretly working for Elizabeth Grey? And if April kills Paul, does it matter since he's already legally dead?

And who do you hope is the father of Savi's baby?

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