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Joss and Harry wake up in bed together and Joss asks him what they are. Harry replies they are happy, which displeases Joss. She later visits him at the restaurant and asks to go house shopping with him. He agrees, but the two do not agree on the first house they see. 

When Joss stops by later to show Harry another house, the two argue and Joss laments that she didn't lose her sister just to date Harry casually. Harry takes this badly and walks away. He later texts Joss to talk and she apologizes, but Niko deletes the text before Harry can see it. 

On their 10th wedding anniversary, Luca asks Calista out for dinner and she agrees. At dinner, Luca presents her with a necklace, which he explains is part of a new accessory line he hopes to start. Calista realizes that the dinner was a business dinner and she leaves angrily.

When Luca comes home she tells him he needs to move out but the two fall back into bed together instead and decide to give their marriage another chance. 

April goes to see the headmaster at Lucy's school and finds out the she has a low GPA. The headmaster suggests Lucy attend a school camping trip and April decides to go with her. 

Lucy goes missing one night and when she's found it's revealed that she was smoking. April sets her foot down and doesn't let Lucy get away without a severe punishment. 

Vivian goes to Karen with concerns that Alec is having an affair. Once Karen reveals that Alec was with her the one day he was missing, Vivian is at first mad but she later forgives her. Vivian tells Karen that she and Alec don't have sex anymore, Karen decides to help Vivian get the spark back in her marriage. 

After a night of smoking weed and makeovers, Alec comes home and Vivian kisses Karen to get his attention. When Karen goes to leave, Vivian pulls her hand and asks her to stay with them. 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

A hairline of mistrust, without immediate attention, can become a real break.


Harry: Never in a million years from where we started, did I think we'd end up here.
Joss: Where would you say we are?
Harry: Happy?

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