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  • It opens with Albie pulling up and shootings some claiming that they don't forget enemies.
  • Three months earlier we see Dottie and Albie doing a press conference as she's getting her lifeteme achievement award..
  • They ask if Dottie is sick and has cancer and one reporter doesn't let up. Albie punches him in the face.
  • Luke tells Nicky that she can't perform her single on stage because the Academy wants her to perform with her father.
  • News leaks that Dottie is dying
  • Martina McBride introduces Albie as he performs the song he wrote for Dottie.
  • Dottie thinks about her lighting a fire and setting a shed or something similar on fire.
  • Dottie tells Nicky that they must preserve the family legacy beyond her. She also tells Nicky that she'll help her die that Saturday after the concert.
  • Nicky is upset that Grant tells her she won't be the one to carry on the family legacy.
  • Nicky confronts Dottie about the plan to take herself out.
  • Nicky learns that her man Clive has worked against her.
  • Luke and Albie have an exchange of words as Luke wants to know what he has to do to get his father's approval.
  • Nicky figures out that Dottie was the one who leaked the People cover.
  • Nicky confronts Clive about his affair. She dips the curling iron in the tub where he is and tells them they need to work on stuff
  • Luke thinks he has a win with signing Wade a big atist to him .
  • He thinks that Kayla, his competiton and someone of whom he had an affair may be taking Wade from him. He tries to talk to her about what happened between them but she doesn't want to talk
  • Kayla is married to Gigi, Luke's sister.
  • Gigi comes out and sings with Nicky afterall when Dottie lets Gigi know that she's doing it for Nicky and not her.
  • Alec, who told Nicky that she wasn't good enough, notices that the crowd seems to respond much better to Gigi.
  • Gigi tells Nicky that she stayed out of the spotlight because it's what Nicky wanted and she was afraid that she'd outshine Nicky
  • Nicky challenges her on that.
  • Albie tells Dottie about the regret he does have. He admits he had an affair with someone decades ago and she disappeared after a barn fire. Dottie lets him know that she always knew.
  • Nicky shows up to help her mother take pills and booze to die. They talk and Dotties does it.
  • Gigi gets stopped by Alec who tells her that she's the family legacy of country.
  • She goes to tell her mother when she sees that Dottie is dead and Nicky has the bottle of pills in her hand.
  • It flashes to three months later where Albie is burying a body.
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Monarch Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

We gotta show the world that the Roman family legacy will carry on beyond me. We are the first damn family of Country Music.


A Roman never forgets a friend, or an enemy.