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  • After Albie buries the body a cop is there at a distance and runs his license plate as he drives off.
  • Gigi is upset that Nicky helped their mother die.
  • Nicky things about Dottie performing.
  • When they were supposed to perform again, Dottie reminds her that there's only one queen and it's not Nicky's time yet.
  • Albie is torn up about Dottie's death and can barely keep himself together.
  • Nicky tries to have Gigi keep it secret that she helped Dottie die.
  • Nicky tells her siblings about what Dottie said about secrets.
  • Gigi remembers that Dottie wasn't the best mother. She sent her to gay  and fat camp.
  • Gigi shows Nicky that the press is deeming her the new Queen of Country. Her aunt reminds her that she understands what it was like to get pushed out the limelight if Nicky becomes Dottie.
  • Luke thinks it's suspicious that Dottie died when she seemed fine and starts asking around. He asks Earl who tells him about Albie and Dottie fought.
  • Luke confronts Albie about the argument and implies that Albie is hiding something.
  • They get into and Albie punches him in the solar plexus.
  • They attend the reading of the will and the kids get letters from Dottie.
  • The kids bicker until Albie puts a stop to it.
  • Gigi meets fans
  • The girls end up singing together
  • Shania Twain intends to perform at Dottie's funeral.
  • Catt and her daughter Ana arrive in hopes of their deal at Monarch
  • Nellie, Dottie's sister starts to sing at he memorial but a hologram of Dottie shows up to perform.
  • They try to get Albie to perform but he wants to do a song they don't have the rights to not the one he's suppsoed to. He tries to get Ace to sing but Ace's panic attacks take over.
  • Ace proposes that he and Albie perform together and they do after Nicky talks to her mother's casket
  • Ana wants to go back home but Catt won't let he give up.
  • Kayla and Luke meet up and say they have to stop, but they can't. THey make out and Nicky sees them.
  • Luke reflects on the letter his mom left for him and otices that the writing is off. He realizes that Nicky was the one who wrote the letters. He reaches out to the medical examiner.
  • In the flash forward Albie returns home and Nicky asks him what he was doing and if he did it. He tells her not to ask him any questions and that it had to be done. The sheriff deputy who saw Albie and ran his plates knocks on the door and says he wants to speak to Albie.
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Monarch Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I can't lose my sister and my mother at the same time, so I'll help you but under one condition, no more secrets or lies.


Dottie: Honey, what have I always told you?
Nicky: That there's only one queen.
Dottie: That's right. Your turn will come someday.