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There's a new opening because Bill's no longer retired. He's a PI!

Hey! It's the angry man from the store.

Brady still has his firetruck from when he was a kid.

He's obviously planning something that will kill the guy who didn't like Lou the dyke. He wears a flag pin, listens to news shows about liberals and reads about white power. Brady is excited to see him get online.

The dude's name is Ryan or Ron Springle. He gets served with a restraining order and begins an email to his wife.

Brady disturbs his computer and calls Louella the incompetent dyke for help.

Brady looks at Bill, pleased with himself.

Bill highlights and cuts up the letters from Brady while he recalls how Olivia didn't properly mourn the loss of the people who died at the wheels of her Mercedes.

Bill contributed to Olivia's sense of guilt when he got an article published in the paper with bold headlines that she wanted her Mercedes back making her the center of ridicule.

Ryan arrives at Express getting special treatment from Roby.Roby.

Jerome won't step back and promises to do so if it gets too sketchy. Jerome wonders why nobody ever thought to ask if the killer could have access to a spare key Olivia never knew she had in a way she never knew she had it.

When Lou discovers why Ryan's computer is so fucked up, she cries while Brady laughs. Then he gets up and asks if she's OK.

Bill's TV is overtaken with the Mercedes video.

Jerome spots Brady in the diner. His friends all laugh.

Brady's mom recalls her past and perhaps her baby daddy.

Brady spots Jerome's dog outside the diner and connects the dots.

Jerome has more news for Bill about stealing the keyless entry via the fob. I'm trying to decide if I know this because I read the book once upon a time or I've watched too many damn detective shows.

I finally know the time of this one. 2012!! Jesus. Was it that hard??? Bill asks a fellow for help and it dates the case about late '08 or '09.

Mom and Brady visit the cemetery.

Ida gets out of the salon just in time to see Bill hugging Janey before sitting down for a drink. She's crushed.

Bill shares with Janey the TV signal issue. She got him a hat so he looks like a proper gumshoe.

Brady's mom sees a vision of her Jerry running through the house while she's zipping up her anniversary dress into its bag. He goes down into the basement.

She gets her alcohol to cover up his image.

Brady is going kill the dog. A song called Run Spot Run is playing in his headphones while he buys Gopher poison, a spade, dirt, and a watering can.

Brady didn't want to go to the checkout because the store camera can film him. I want to kill him.

Because of the camera, he leaves behind the gopher killer.

It turns out his mother's name is Deborah.

When he's not working with Lou, Brady calls people faggots.

Bill and Janey talk about their families and Bill's daughter. She wants him to try harder to get in touch with his daughter. And she knows he's still his daughter's god because she's coming from the perspective of a daughter.

Ryan gets his computer back, and he's still an asshole. Brady follows him home.

Janey kisses Bill back at her place while wondering if it's inappropriate because she signs his checks.

He says he has to go to the bathroom first. Why is it always assumed a kiss means fucking?

He takes more than 10 seconds to pee, so Janey screams in wondering if he's OK. By the time he gets out of the bathroom, she's changed her mind.

But when they kiss again, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Ryan and Brady drive past the life center while Brady babbles in his own car about nonsense imagining he's a better man.

Brady has his Thing B with him, switching lights trying to get Ryan killed "naturally."

Ryan is hit by a truck, but the accident clips him on the rear and topples him rather than knocking him on the door. Brady arrives to taunt him before he dies because that's more fun.

Brady recalls Jerry's death. Jerry was chasing the firetruck down into the basement and was left gasping for breath as he died. Fuckhead watched him and moved the truck into his outreached hand instead of calling for help. That's why he wanted to know why God sent him back if he was so great that he was taken early. God. What a wastoid.

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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Bill: You're flawless.
Janey: Now I know you're drunk.

Janey: Is it really wise pissing off a lunatic?
Bill: People make mistakes when they're angry.
Janey: People make corpses when they're angry, too.