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Auggie and Janice are standing at line at the city jobs fair. It's 3:04 am. Janice brought her baby. Auggie has a thermos. Another fellow has a folding chair and a foul mouth.

At 4:17 am, the baby is crying and Janice is apologizing to the fair attendees because they're all sleeping in line. Auggie stands up for her. He offers his sleeping bag to slip inside, change the wet baby and come on out. Foul mouth narrates.

As she's wrapped up in the bag, a car pulls up without headlights. As it gets closer, it shines the lights. It's a Mercedes. Larger model.

This is the birth of Mr. Mercedes.

Auggie does everything he can to try to unzip Janice and her baby, but he's unsuccessful. Janice's head is squashed like a melon and Auggie doesn't last long after.

Det. Bill Hodges and arrives on the scene and determines this ain't no accident. Two years later

Hodges is retired. He's feeding his sweet pet turtle Fred salad. He's on the way to lunch with Det. Dixon, his old friend.

At lunch, he wonders why Peter discourages Shiela the waitress from thinking he's handsome. What if maybe, just maybe, she really thinks he's handsome and Peter just discouraged her?

Brody is a computer dude at a Best Buy competitor. He works with a smart ass lesbian. His boss hates them.

Bill's neighbor is annoyed with his growing grass. He's sick of the street hockey kids. The street hockey kids ask him to play goalie because he watches them from the window and he's weird.

When he has dinner with neighbor Ida, she propositions him. Bill is flabbergasted and doesn't know how to handle it.

He gets home to an email from Mr. M.

It contains a video flaunting his case featuring photos of his victims and the unsolved nature of his case. He revealed disgusting facts and gave his love to Fred. The email and the video disappeared immediately.

Bill got his gun from the toaster oven and peered out the window worriedly.

Jerome used the "you can never really delete anything completely" line.

Brady arrives home to his mother in her undies drinking by the bottle. He needs to earn money for college. He looks at her boobs.

Brady has a sexual relationship with his mother. They french kiss and she touches his penis through his pants while he looks through her lacy panties. While he stops her now, whether he's successful often is unknown. He gets through the basement door and masturbates.

Downstairs in his basement, his computers a sweetly rigged. He has the Hodges video up and ready to play with.

Hodges is catching a hot dog with Dixon and discussing the Mercedes case. Dixon wonders if he's ever going to let it go.

The woman who owned the Mercedes killed herself.

Hodges is trying to determine what information was revealed about the case so he knew if his email was real.

Brady's boss speaks ill of his mom while berating him and that cannot end well.

Ida comes over determined to get a better reaction from Bill regarding her naked body than she had initially. She cannot live next door to a man who recoils at the site of her naked. He looks, remarks that she's very nice and she leaves.

Bill, meanwhile, cannot stop looking for a connection to the video. He finds one on a smiley face and on the local Chronicle newspaper. It's a video of the actual accident.

Bill goes to Brady's store to buy security cameras but doesn't take them up on the offer to help with installation.

The Mercedes is still in the shop, covered in blood. Bill bribes the shop owner to get a sit inside. He needs to figure out what's happening. Inside he can feel it.

At the same time a tennis ball with the signature smiley hits his house, Brady pulls up in the ice cream truck. What a sick fuck.

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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

God. Showing up at a job fair in a Mercedez Benz. It's a sign of the times I guess, right?


Bill: Holy fuck.
Pete: It's worse than it looks.