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The second episode picks up right where the first left off: with Elliot whisked away and coming face to face with the Evil Corp group. Tyrell, surrounded by eleven of E Corp's most annoying lawyers, offers Elliot a position heading their cybersecurity division (while acknowledging it's illegal and that they technically can't offer it due to their Non-Compete with Allsafe). Tyrell promises he'd be a multimillionaire within 5 years. Elliot asks whether he can think about it.

Tyrell clears the room, leaving he and Elliot alone. He tells Elliot that he's been made interim CTO - E Corp's youngest ever executive. He also tries to persuade Elliot by confiding in him that they'll be letting Allsafe go once they consolidate and take all of their cybersecurity in house. He tries very passionately to convince Elliot, but Elliot still turns him down, saying that he's happy where he is (at Allsafe).

E Corp's henchmen drop Elliot off at home where he meets up with Shayla. He sees her being accosted by a burly looking thug. He tries to buy morphine off of Shayla, who at first refuses to sell to him since she doesn't have the withdrawal meds that he usually takes with the morphine. At some point, Elliot made her promise not to sell morphine to him unless she also sold him the withdrawal meds at the same time. She gives in pretty easily and sells just the morphine to him.

Elliot does the morphine and casually hacks Tyrell Wellick. He becomes paranoid that Tyrell knew he'd hack him - and that he let Elliot hack him. Elliot decides he needs to wipe everything, so he takes apart and microwaves parts of his computer.

Elliot looks at a picture of him and his mom, on the beach. He does more morphine, admitting he's been taking more of his morphine than he's supposed to. He justifies it by saying it's been a tough week for him.

Elliot takes Flipper out for a walk. He tries to talk the dog into relieving itself, but the dog resists.

Gideon tells Elliot that Elliot saved the company and that Gideon is trying to get him a raise. Gideon mentions fsociety, and says that apparently they were working with Colby. Off of Elliot's complete confusion, Gideon shows Elliot a disturbing video released by fsociety, demanding that their "leader" Colby be released and the world be released from their debt prison. If their demands aren't met, they threaten to kill people.

A street hustler selling his rap album is peddling his CD on the corner in the city. Elliot encounters Angela and Ollie on a corner, Ollie invites him to dinner with them and tells Elliot he should bring a date. Elliot is convinced he sees someone following him, and agrees to the dinner double date to get away. After he leaves, the street hustler tries to convince Ollie and Angela to take the CD. Ollie agrees to take it, but to only tweet about it to his 48 followers if he likes the music.

Elliot returns home where he finds Darlene of fsociety in his shower. She asks why he didn't show up the other day, and tells him everyone is coming by later. She borrows his clothes and tells him that Flipper pooped on the bed.

Elliot takes Flipper to Shayla and asks her to watch the dog. Elliot follows Darlene back to fsociety. She talks about how her boyfriend recently proposed to her and she disappeared on him because of it, until he gets over his "love is forever" thing. They weave in an out of trains, presumably so that Elliot's black-suited followers can't get to them. She asks if she can stay with him for awhile, but Elliot doesn't say anything.

Mr. Robot brings Elliot in on his plan to blow up a natural gas plant right near Steel Mountain, where all of the data is backed up for many mega corporations, off the grid. Elliot points out that the people who live around it with die, and Mr. Robot says that this is war, and people die in war.

Elliot refuses to let people die. Mr. Robot asks whether Elliot is a one (the do-ers) or a zero (the do-nothings). Elliot unconvincingly says that the world is not that binary. 

Mr. Robot reveals that he knows about Elliot's father, how he died, and says that Elliot's father was a zero. Elliot leaves, encountering a hostile Darlene on the way out, who tells him he's culpable now whether he helps them or not.

Elliot goes to Shayla's apartment where Shayla is locked in the bathroom and not answering, while Fernando Vera, the drug supplier from earlier in the episode, is sitting and waiting. Elliot is worried that Shayla is hurt, but Fernando insists that "she's good," telling Elliot that he took care of her himself.

Fernando gives a speech about how when he was Elliot's age he was depressed and tried to kill himself but failed, and about how he hated himself and still does. He acknowledges that Elliot and Shayla have had sex but warns Elliot to stay away from Shayla from now on. He calls Shayla the love of his life, and leaves, taking Elliot's withdrawal meds with him. Elliot gets Shayla out of the bathtub where she's unconscious but not drowned.

Shayla doesn't remember how she got in the tub, and doesn't remember having sex with Fernando. Elliot realizes he's graduated to raping Shayla, and struggles with the choice between destroying Vera (and removing his supply of drugs) and leaving it be.

Elliot goes to visit Krista, experiencing the ill-effects of too much morphine and not enough withdrawal meds. Elliot goes on a rant about the illusion of control, and confesses that he thought he'd be part of something special in joining "a group" (meaning fsociety). Krista tries to get Elliot to open up and tell her what's wrong. She brings up how Elliot's father did nothing when he found out he had cancer. Elliot tells Krista to shut up, but Krista continues to demand to know why he's been regressing lately.

Elliot decides to turn Vera into the police. He turns in his evidence on Vera and the creep and his men are arrested.

Ollie tries to play the street peddler's CD (which refuses to work on his computer) and gets emails from his mistress Stella B., while listening to Angela worry about Elliot.  Ollie skips out to meet up with Stella B., while the CD peddler uses the CD he gave them to hack into their laptop webcam and spy on Angela.

Elliot meets up with Mr. Robot at Coney Island. He tells Mr. Robot that he figured out a way to take out the backups without blowing anything up. Mr. Robot is short with Elliot and reminds him that he already told Elliot that when he left the other day, he gave up his chance to be a part of fsociety. Mr. Robot pushes Elliot to tell him about Elliot's father's death. 

Elliot's dad worked at Evil Corp. as a computer engineer. He developed Leukemia and told Elliot not to tell anyone. As the disease progressed, Elliot came clean to his mom and his dad, in anger, pushed him out the window accidentally. His dad refused to speak with him even up until his eventual death.

Mr. Robot appears to comfort Elliot at first. But then, Mr. Robot comments that Elliot may have deserved what happened because he broke that sacred pact with his father, by betraying his trust. He then shoves Elliot off of the railing.

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Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.


You remind me of me when I was younger. Depressed and sullen. Matter of fact, tried to kill myself a couple of times. Never could get that shit right. Biology wasn't my strong suit. I hated myself, man. Still do. Thought that shit was a weakness, for a long time, and then I realized that shit was my power. People walk around acting like they know what hate means. Nah. No one does until you hate yourself... I mean, truly hate yourself. That's power.