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Tyrell psychs himself up to make a move on securing a permanent place in the Chief Technology Officer position, prepping to give his pitch to an E Corp bigwig. Despite all that, he's brushed off almost immediately. He visits a homeless man who seems familiar with him, and agrees to give him $300 "this time." He puts on latex gloves and beats the homeless man up.

Shayla and Krista are there when Elliot wakes up in the hospital, where he's bruised and hopped up on pain meds after his shove off the Coney Island boardwalk railing. Shayla mentions that apparently she is his emergency contact. She tells him that when he initially woke up, he requested Krista. He can't be released until he speaks with and gets cleared by a psychiatrist. Shayla waits outside while he speaks with Krista. Krista asks Elliot why he refused a full drug panel when he was admitted. He admits that he's been using morphine, and when asked why, he tells her he doesn't have a good reason. She suggests rehab. He says no, he isn't a junkie, but she says he'll need to prove it with regular drug testing.

Elliot reveals that he had hacked this particular hospital and is able to manipulate his own patient records because of that. He agrees to the drug testing, knowing that he can change any drug tests to read negative.

On the way back to Elliot's apartment after he's released, Shayla asks him if he had something to do with Vera getting busted. She tells him Vera is facing murder charges. Shayla is worried about what she'll do for money now, but Elliot denies that he did anything. Elliot's door is open; Darlene is in there. He asks what she's doing there and mentions he changed the locks. Shayla is confused about who Darlene is, and Elliot tells Darlene she needs to get out. Darlene finally leaves, but not before telling him to get a grip.

Angela is out running when a guy, also running, drops a wallet. She gives it back to him, and it turns out that he mugged a woman and stole her purse and wallet -- Angela gave the robber back the stolen wallet and feels like a idiot.

The guy who hacked Ollie's computer via the CD last week contacts him, threatening to release the naked pics of Stella B. that they've taken off of the computer if Ollie doesn't comply with their demand to infect Allsafe's network. Ollie is panicked.

Back at Allsafe, Gideon debriefs the team. He invites "his favorite employees" to his house for dinner. Elliot awkwardly says he has other plans. Gideon asks to speak to Elliot privately, questioning him about what's going on and why Elliot has been late recently and why he is all bruised. Elliot deflects.

Mr. Robot shows up at Allsafe, making a spectacle of himself but garnering almost no attention. Elliot accosts him, and then Mr. Robot suggests they head down to the bar nearby. They go down and drink appletinis there.

Mr. Robot apologizes for hurting Elliot; Elliot doesn't seem to accept the apology. Mr. Robot goes to leave and Elliot asks what's the deal with his incidentally homicidal plan. He says there is no plan because Elliot is the key to the whole thing. He says goodbye and that he'll see Elliot in another life. He leaves.

Elliot is gleeful, thinking that fsociety (a blip in his carefully constructed reality) is finally over, and that now he can try to be more normal -- drinking lattes, being happy, asking Shayla to be his girlfriend. On that high note, he walks into Gideon's office and asks whether the dinner is still on and whether he can bring his girlfriend. Gideon says it is on, and expresses surprise that Elliot has a girlfriend. After Elliot leaves, Gideon, baffled, asks someone whether Elliot was just drinking Starbucks.

Ollie puts the CD in the computer at work. Angela notices and asks whether he's still trying to rip the CD. He hurriedly says that it's scratched, takes the CD out, and they leave.

Tyrell is in his closet, getting dressed to go to Kiss and Fly. His pregnant wife asks what he's going there for, and he says it's for work. He claims that he's doing everything he does for them. She questions whether what he does is for them or for him. He grabs her head aggressively, kisses her, and says he is "us."

Elliot casually asks Shayla to be his girlfriend. Shayla is annoyed about the way he asked, and says she won't be used anymore. She says he doesn't even know her -- that despite knowing the stuff he read online, he doesn't know the real her. She suggests he take Darlene instead, as she seems like she'd be into going to a stupid dinner party like that. Elliot asks to know about Shayla. She shows him her art. He thinks it's beautiful and mentally notes that her "bug" seems to be wanting normalcy but being stuck on the outer edges. They kiss, and she tells him not to ask before kissing her next time.

At the club, Tyrell bumps into Anwar, the assistant of the bigwig that Tyrell was prepping his CTO pitch to earlier in the episode. Anwar recognizes Tyrell and comments that he didn't know Tyrell went to places like that. He says he's there for Anwar, and that he thinks he's beautiful and wants to take him home. He kisses Anwar, who reciprocates.

Ollie and Angela awkwardly wait next to Shayla and Elliot to be let into Gideon's apartment for the dinner party. Angela asks to be introduced. Angela comments that Ollie is fidgety and has been all day. Gideon's partner, Harry, lets them in. They make awkward small talk before Gideon calls Elliot away for "help with the grill." Gideon mentions that he checked the server again and confirmed that he was wrong to be suspicious of Elliot. He apologizes. Elliot gets nervous and realizes he needs to get Gideon to back off, to save the other man from getting entangled in "the hornet's nest." Elliot apparently successfully deters Gideon and painfully allows Gideon to hug him.

Back in the party, Elliot and Angela chat about their childhood. Angela says she loved running away with Elliot. Elliot feels he could get used to "the normal life" of dinner parties, happiness, etc. Suddenly, he gets a text message that startles him. Elliot turns on NY1, where they are reporting on leaked Evil Corp emails which link Terry Colby to the 1993 NJ toxic leak that led to Elliot's father's death.

Elliot panics, realizing that Mr. Robot has found his "bug." He leaves the apartment, with Angela following. She reveals that the same toxic leak that killed Elliot's dad also killed her mom. 

We see a flashback to Elliot waiting at a bus stop with his mother, who tells him that his father was weak. Elliot asks whether she is sad about it like he is. She claims that she isn't sad about his father's death.

Tyrell has sex with Anwar. As they're cleaning up, Tyrell suggests Anwar finish cleaning in the shower. As Anwar is showering, Tyrell gets dressed quickly and bugs his phone.

Angela gets home, where she says she couldn't find Elliot to talk to him. Ollie is antsy and accusatory about Angela not talking to him and trying to talk to Elliot instead. She notices he's acting weird and he finally confesses about Stella B. and the mess with the hacker. Angela notes that the hacker now has her and her dad's account numbers and social security numbers because she used Ollie's computer. She implies that she wants to comply with the hacker's demands to prevent the massive identity theft that would occur from this. She also says she wants to break up because of Ollie's infidelities, but later backtracks, crying and saying she doesn't know why she said that. They hug and Ollie promises they'll figure the mess out.

Gideon is still suspicious, looking at his files and at the news about Colby, and asks to speak to the admin about the infected server again.

Tyrell gets home, where his wife is lying blindfolded on the bed. At her urging, he begins to tie her up and gag her with a ball gag. At first he comments that he's too tired, but she convinces him to proceed. They talk about whether he succeeded or failed, and discuss further plans to secure his position at E Corp. Tyrell expresses concern over whether she can do "this" (BDSM) in "her situation" (pregnant). She says they already discussed that, so he proceeds.

Elliot goes to fsociety's headquarters, sets up his laptop, and begins to explain his E Corp takedown plan to the rest of the team.

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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

My perfect maze... crumbling before my eyes. There's nothing to hide behind. I didn't think it existed, but there it is... Mr. Robot finally found my bug.


Anwar: You're a strange creature.
Tyrell: I'm just a businessman.