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Elliot starts his new job at Evil Corp, working tirelessly to fix what he broke despite the disinterest of the corrupt higher-ups and protect the data from Tyrell and Mr. Robot. He keeps getting the higher-ups arrested by the FBI when they blow him off.

He eventually manages to convince one of the female higher-ups that his idea to digitize the records rather than shipping all the records to New York (where they can be blown up). At the same down, he works on taking down all of the corrupt people inside the company, to make Evil Corp better.

Elliot's depression sets in again and his medication doesn't help. He goes to see Krista, who is now working out of her home office. She points out it's Elliot's birthday and asks how he's feeling without Mr. Robot. She realizes he misses him, in a sense.

Elliot recounts the story of when he and Darlene built a snowman they named Kevin McCallister. He wanted to take a picture of it but didn't because that was the day his dad pushed him out the window. Krista is disturbed by that, though Elliot is sure he already told her (she insists he didn't). 

Joanna goes on a talk show to discuss Scott Knowles' recent arrest for the murder of Sharon. She came forward and said he confessed while beating her and then her secret bartender boyfriend corroborated the story. She explains that she filed for divorce in a moment of weakness but always knew he was innocent and has since dismissed it.

A new fsociety video is released. Dom and Santiago are frustrated with Darlene who hasn't given them any useful intel despite her immunity deal and insists that the new fsociety video is bullshit / not them. She guesses it was Dark Army. Dom pushes Darlene about Elliot working with Tyrell. Darlene insists there is no way. They play her the tape of Tyrell calling Elliot in jail and Darlene is shocked.

Derek drunkenly tails Joanna and her baby and their bodyguard. The bodyguard gets out to rough Derek up and threaten him. Derek is upset at having been used and seeing Joanna on national TV say she still loves Tyrell. They assume he's taken care of, but he suddenly shoots the bodyguard and Joanna. The bodyguard shoots Derek. The baby cries, covered in blood.

The bodyguard survives, though Joanna is dead. An autopsy is performed as Dom and Santiago discuss what will be done. He insists that the baby will go to social services, since their main priority is tracking down Tyrell. Dom believes that Darlene is being truthful about what she says.

Elliot meets up with Darlene, who wishes him a happy birthday. Darlene tells him that she's going to leave and stay upstate with a friend. She confesses that the only reason she did all this was so they could be close again. Elliot asks Darlene to stay with him that night because he doesn't want to be alone.

Philip Price gives a speech about China and Bitcoin, which Whiterose attends. The two have a face-off, where Price demands that Whiterose sign the accord. Whiterose refuses to do so until his UN agreement is signed.

That night, Darlene pokes around in Elliot's apartment while he's asleep before attempting to sneak out. Elliot wakes up in Mr. Robot mode and attacks Darlene, acting suspicious and demanding to know what she was doing there. Darlene realizes in horror it's not Elliot, shoving him off and leaving.

Elliot asks Krista to speak to Mr. Robot in their next session. Krista is freaked out when Mr. Robot emerges and mentions that "she" compromised them (meaning Darlene). When Elliot gets home, Krista's old boyfriend is there. He questions how Elliot got so lucky while everything else is going to shit. He informs him that the dog is sick and foists it back on Elliot before leaving.

Elliot works on his computer, and it's revealed that Darlene fiddled with it in order to allow the FBI to tap into it. Dom tells her "Good job."

Whiterose tells her man that she wants Stage 2 to happen on the day of the U.N. vote on China's annexation of the Congo, no matter which way the vote goes. Whiterose's man questions why she wants to do this given the serious implications — Whiterose wants to punish Philip Price for his impertinence.

At the FBI safehouse, Darlene steps out while Dom and her fellow agent see what they can find off of Elliot's computer. Dom realizes an encrypted email that Elliot sent wasn't for Tyrell — it included a link that her coworker clicked which allowed Elliot to track them down. They watch him on a security camera as he goes through the safe house.

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Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Maybe I fucked up an already fucked-up world. But I'm fixing it now And friend, it feels great.


Today, I found a way to hit undo. Today is the day I start working at Evil Corp.