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Darlene says she is not selling out Elliot. 

A group of men break into Dom's home and kidnap her mother and family. 

Janice stabs Dom in the lung and tells her that she has 15 minutes. 

Darlene gives a location for Elliot and he doesn't turn up there. 

Janice tries to give the call to kill the family, but there's no answer. 

Dom says to check her phone and there are missed calls from the "Lucky Bastard Irish Man."

He argues with Janice, telling her that he's in control. 

Before she gets a chance to do anything, Dom grabs the knife out her lung and stabs one of the Dark Army men, grabs his gun, and shoots the other goon and Janice. 

Dom quickly tells Darlene to get the phone, she calls for police assistance and tells Darlene to run. 

Elliot and Krista escape the apartment to the police station. 

Elliot says he isn't going in and goes on another dangerous mission to the museum. He finds his father's key for the bedroom, which he tried to hide as a child. 

After a heart-to-heart with Mr. Robot, Elliot says he doesn't know what he can do. 

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Elliot, look at me. We have to go.


Look, Cunt Stick, there's no way I'm giving up my brother