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We are introduced to John Mulaney and his roommates, Jane and Motif, as John is waiting in the Doctor's office trying to get a Xanax prescription to calm his nerves.

His appointment does not go exactly as planned.

Mulaney later goes to his interview with Lou Cannon and his hired for the job, much to his surprise. Mulaney quickly discovers that his boss is more than a little eccentric, and is frankly a bit off his rocker. 

Meanwhile, Jane is trying to prove to her friends that she is not crazy about her break up with her ex-boyfriend. She does this by trying to change the password to his email so that she no longer knows it and stalking him. 

And Motif is struggling with trying to have a successful joke.

Mulaney goes to his neighbor Oscar for advice on how to handle his new boss. 

At first Mulaeny must deal with doing work for his boss that does not involve writing jokes, which is what he was originally hired to do.

When Mulane is about to quit his job he discovers that Lou is going to use his jokes on his live television show. Mulaney decides to keep working for Lou, as he has found the turkish tea tray in his story. 


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Mulaney Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh, shes running from me, because in her eyes I am an adult. And adults murder each other.


Doctor: Alright you are going to feel a little pressure.
Mulaney: I guess this might as well happen, adult life is weird. But doctor sometimes I get nervous on airplanes....ohhhhhhhhh!