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Pride and the team are attending a charity gala when a bomb explodes, killing two innocent people and critically injuring Orion, the boyfriend of Pride's daughter Laurel. The team, though shaken up, quickly investigates and learns that one of the waiters is unaccounted for.

They track down the waiter, only to learn that his identity was stolen and the bomber could be anyone.

Sebastian and Loretta identify enough components of the bomb for Pride to recognize it as a signature of the Broussard Syndicate, a mob family he took down twenty years before when he was still with the Sheriff's Department.

Pride pays a visit to an old confidential informant, Paul "Baitfish" Jenks, who points the finger at Dante Broussard, the youngest son. Dante's sister Sasha stops in at the NCIS office and offers to help any way she can, as she is trying to escape the criminal legacy of her family.

The team learns that the cousin Frank was helping Dante, so they arrest him and set up a sting to catch Dante, but the DEA messes it up with a sting operation of their own, and Frank escapes.

Then Baitfish's house gets blown up, along with Baitfish. Pride explains to LaSalle that Baitfish had been the key to taking down the Broussards, but Pride had to let Baitfish get away with many petty crimes, which led up to the death of a child in a home invasion.

Using the information they'd collected, the team tracks Dante down to an abandoned warehouse at a bird sanctuary and successfully arrest him. Dante denies having anything to do with the bomb - and his alibi proves solid.

Sebastian figures out the bombs were set off by motion sensor, and Pride realizes the sensors came from a popular toy. With the help of Sasha, they locate Frank Broussard at Sasha's charity's warehouse and take him into custody.

Loretta makes one final grim discovery: the body in Baitfish's house is not Baitfish at all.

Baitfish receives a large bag full of money and a note that reads "More Soon."

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Sebastian, yelling at evidence is rarely effective.


I will not quit until I find a rear admiral to shake his rear admiral!