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A man, Nate Carr, is stabbed to death at a gaming convention. Sebastian was warned about a possible killing on a gaming message board. The person messaging Sebastian wants to meet. Patton is vying with a hacker called Jackal. Sebastian gets trapped inside an elevator when Gregorio turns to take Pride's call. The person contacting Sebastian is his old classmate Adrian. Then the FBI busts in through the windows. The FBI thinks Adrian is the Jackal. Gregorio gets Adrian away by claiming she's their suspect in Carr's murder. Isler storms in angry about NCIS taking his suspect, but Pride talks him into a joint investigation. Isler found $3 million in Adrian's name in a offshore account. Adrian says she's being framed. Loretta found DNA from an ex-con, Mark Farrell, under Carr's fingernails. Two gunmen, including Farrell, start shooting at the FBI transport vehicle with Sebastian and Adrian inside. Sebastian ends the shootout by firing into the SUV's gas tank and blowing it up, knocking out the gunmen. Patton figures out that the Jackal is eavesdropping through their devices. So they move to Pride's bar, and he digs up old equipment such as a landline phone. Sebastian and Adrian start tracking Carr's files at a high school computer room, and discover The Jackal has the artificial intelligence at the heart of Adrian's game. LaSalle and Percy were chasing The Jackal, but he remotely shuts down the electronics in their car. The Jackal is holding the air traffic system for ransom for $20 million. Adrian tries to create a backdoor into her app. Patton finds The Jackal is at a nearby airport, but it's a decoy. The Jackal and his gunmen attack Sebastian and Adrian.  They take out two gunmen, then LaSalle arrives to shoot Farrell. Sebastian and Adrian hack The Jackal's car and stop him. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Sebastian: Was it me, or was that wizard staring at us?
Gregorio: Everyone is staring at us.

Who died and made {Sebastian] King?