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A trio of gangbangers are being pursued by police. Sydney Halliday comes to visit Pride at his bar. The gnagbangers run into Pride's bar and take the patrons hostage. Curtis Isaacs, one of the gangbangers, says he had come to see Pride. He was the confidential informant for a murdered cop, Franklin. Pride's team is told they don't have jurisdiction. Sydney tries to take the gun away from one of the gunmen, but gets stopped by their leader, Boomer. Pride convinces Boomer to answer the call from the cops. Curtis slips Pride his cell phone. LaSalle convinces Captain Davis to stall. Texts from Franklin's phone show that someone posing as Franklin texted Curtis about Riley, his girlfriend. NOPD offers Boomer a plane to Cuba. When one of the musicians has a heart attack, Pride tries to help him but accidentally drops Curtis' phone, and Boomer finds out from the texts that Curtis is a CI and Pride is a cop. The hostage needing medical attention is released. Davis is upset NCIS is investigating Franklin's murder. Curtis's girlfriend Riley went missing after a customer, Desmond Whitney, was in a near-fatal accident. Whitney, the state attorney general, was investigating municipal corruption. The gangbangers take Pride and Sydney for cover, as they move to the bus which is supposed to take them to the airport. Davis is driving the bus. Estes agrees to listen to LaSalle's theory about Franklin's murder on the drive to the airport. Curtis's prints were planted on the gun. Shotguns came before the text went out to Curtis. Riley is already in the morgue, killed with heroin. That heroin came from a batch seized on a raid led by Davis. Davis tricks the police into firing on the bus. Sydney attacks Davis, then Pride shoots him. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

LaSalle, keep Pride safe, OK?

Gregorio [to LaSalle]

Gregorio: How many cups of coffee have you had?
Sebastian: Five. No, six. Seven.
Gregorio: I'm going to need you to dial it back.