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A body is found under a shrimping boat. It's a:local man, Aaron Trang, who became a petty officer. LaSalle is tense because of the upcoming result of the IRS's investigation into his family business. Trang's cousin Amy is missing. Pride shows up to give LaSalle moral support. The business has to pay $10 million in back taxes. Pride is giving LaSalle time off to figure out his IRS problem. Pride gets the entire case file for he and LaSalle to go through. The team finds Amy, but then Hannah sees she had rigged the boat to explode. Amy said that Triton Fisheries had killed Aaron. Patton finds that an accountant, Leila Addison, was moving money around at LaSalle's company before she quit. She denied embezzling money from the company. She said she moved the funds into an account for LaSalle's father Beau to use. Beau had gone to Jamaica right before he died. The Trang boat is set on fire. Aaron's uncle said Aaron borrowed his boat before he died. Patton suggests Beau was depositing funds in the Cayman Islands. Gregorio drops by to see Pride because she's worried about LaSalle. Leila refuses to believe Beau stole money from his company. Hannah and Gregorio suspect Triton is contaminating the Vietnamese shrimp-processing center. A fight breaks out between Triton and the Vietnamese. Acetone is found in Wilkins' truck, but he denies it's his. He said he's being set up. Wilkins said the Daos were trying to sell their plant. Beau embezzled the money, but he's gifting it back to his employees posthumously. Eddie Dao was the person pushing the sale of the plant. Amy is armed, and she plans to kill Eddie, but Hannah talks her down. Amy confronts Eddie while wearing a wire. He attempts to drown her, but Sebastian stops him. LaSalle decides to liquidate the company.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Gregorio: Do you have any idea how weird you are?
Sebastian: Yes.

LaSalle: I can handle this.
Pride: You can, but you don't have to do it alone.