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Pride gets abducted while out jogging by two men. He's ordered to complete a series of tasks to save Loretta and Cassius, who are being held captive. While rushing to his office, Pride gets pulled over by a state trooper, who gets killed by a sniper. His team knows he's been abducted and that he was there when the trooper was killed. He's ordered to go to a CIA safe house. Hannah confronts him but he slips away. The team figures out Loretta and Cassius are missing. Pride talks his way in for see an asset. The asset is Parsons, who tried to kill Pride. He has to bring out Parsons. The team intercepts Pride during his escape, but Hannah lets him go after he fills them in on what happened. They intercede with the safehouse's CIA agents. The masked men take Loretta, but Cassius steals a knife from one of them. The other hostages are Parsons' sister and her family, and her brother-in-law is executed. The masked men want something from her. They're from Apoleon, a private intelligence firm. She has proof they exist, which she was giving to the CIA. Patton hacks into Pride's earwig, and he updates them. Parsons hid the data in a graveyard's caretaker shed. Parsons boobytrapped the case, and they take out the three Apoleon men, then hold guns on each other. Parsons has a barcode tattooed on her to download the data. Patton and Sebastian create a virus to locate the Apoleon base, an old electronics factory. Pride frees Loretta and Cassius, but Parsons gets captured. LaSalle takes out a sniper before he can shoot Loretta. Cassius shoots the man holding Parsons hostage. Parsons get the drop on Pride, but Cassius gets killed jumping in front of him, then Pride kills Parsons.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I shouldn't be surprised they sent you.

Parsons [to Pride]

One thing though. Truck.

Sutter [to Pride]