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The episode opens In Paris, where the CIA is looking for Renard, a black hat hacker who is looking at jail time but claims to have a secret that's big enough to get him a deal.

Renard has information about a domestic terror attack, so the CIA brings him to the US to a safe house to get more information. Before the CIA can interrogate him, the house is ambushed, killing Renard and two CIA agents.

Meanwhile, Parker has instituted "Walk-A-Mile Day," where the team volunteers in different departments to learn more about NCIS. McGee isn't doing very well in the motor pool, and Torres is working in accounting, ready to jump off a building.

But Knight loves working with Louis in custodial and maintenance. Kasie is helping in the call center as a dispatch operator until the actual dispatcher steps away, and Kasie gets a bizarre call from a man asking if the line is secure, and then, gunshots. 

The team determines that the caller is former NCIS agent, Eric Webb.

Tim locates Webb's address, and Kasie begs to come along, invoking Walk-A-Mile Day. When they enter the house, there are multiple dead bodies and they are then joined by the CIA.

Webb calls Kasie again, and the two begin to bond. Webb tells Kasie that before Renard was killed, he relayed an address, which Webb tracked down. The team discovers a dead bombmaker and a bomb, but it's missing the explosive.

More and more evidence seems to point to Webb, especially after he grabs Kasie from the diner.

But when the team tracks them down, Webb explains that he's been framed and it turns out that his old partner Harlan was behind the whole thing and he was planning to blow up the CIA building.

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NCIS Season 21 Episode 3 Quotes

Yeah, you're the guy that never sits, keeps your chair clean; I appreciate it.


You're lucky the CIA doesn't know your poker face the way I do.