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The team discovers Mossad Officer Amit Hadar dead in the safe house, Vance seriously wounded and Mossad Director Eli David missing.

The team searches for Eli David while trying to figure out who had access to the safe house and wired it with claymore mines that went off when the door was opened.

An injured Eli David is found and fills us in, via flashbacks, on how he and Vance came to know each other.

In 1991 Vance was sent on a mission to Amsterdam to track down a Russian operative. Little did he know he was being sent to Amsterdam to die and it was Eli David who warned Vance that the Russians were looking to kill him.

Tony suspects someone within NCIS may be the leak behind the safe house.

Agent McCallister, a retired NCIS agent, orchestrated the fake mission in Amsterdam where Vance was to hunt down a Russian.

The Russian was actually paid by McCallister to kill Vance, which would then increase the attention back to McCallister’s level of expertise, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Bloc.

However, McCallister’s plan backfired when Vance, with help from Eli, eluded the Russian. Vance got all the recognition which put him on the fast track to becoming the Director.

McCallister wanted revenge and orchestrated the safe house explosion, hoping to blame it on Eli David. A final attempt at killing Vance at his hospital bedside is thwarted, thanks to Gibbs' forethought and Vance's will.­

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NCIS Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

McGee: Hey, where is Boss, anyway?
Malachi: He's in Interrogation.
Liat: With Director David.
Tony: Oh! This is like Clash of the Titans. We should be there.
Ziva: It's a closed show.

Agent Sharp: It's like herding cats, huh, Agent McGee?
McGee: I don't like it at all, Agent Sharp. I've got a dozen other retired agents. I have Branch, I've got Morrow, I've got Nedrow. I have more directors than the front row of the Oscars.