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-Dani's concerned Matt's desire to have children will end their relationship.  He tells her he can be happy being a part of her family.

-The Pittman's battle over The Hawks and TK's bonus is hangs in the balance.  They each questions one another's competence to control the team.

-Marshall starts to show signs of a breakdown and Dani and Nico press him to get help.  Pittman fires Nico.

-In the owner's meeting Pittman admits he still loves his wife and doesn't want this divorce.  He hires Nico back and decides to take a mental health break.

-TK struggles with opening up to Dani about his shooting.  When a new massage therapist pushes him to let her touch his scar, he begins to talk about his shooting.

-A baseball player sees Dani to help break his slump.  He thinks it's because his former "slumpbuster" girlfriend won't have sex with him because she's engaged to someone else.

-Dani points out that his slump is actually caused by a broken heart.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Don't beat yourself up. That's my job.


The slump. Every athlete's worst nightmare.