Necessary Roughness Review: Insane or In Love?

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"Slumpbuster" swung for the bleachers with an arrogant, narcissistic, sex-crazed baseball star - but really won me over with its simpler character moments.

Gonzo. The name alone should have been a clue. I wonder what being arrested for soliciting plus-size women outside of a Jenny Craig does to a superstar's career. As Dani pointed out, his bigger issue was that he wouldn't take no for an answer. 

Although having his heart broken wasn't an excuse for all of his asinine behavior, at least it could explain his slump.

Dani Treats a Slump

I was more interested in Dani's other patients. I loved TK and Simone. It's amazing what someone will do for a great massage. Even as TK stood his ground - TK don't do no sumo Santa... - you knew he'd have those pants on before long. One of the funniest scenes was when Simone wanted them back and he refused to give them up.

When TK finally let Simone touch his scar and then ended up on Dani's doorstep, it gave me hope that this storyline wasn't going to spiral into one of drug dependence. I'd rather see TK working through his therapy than have us going through a season of him being addicted to pain pills.

Even Marshall Pittman turned up looking for advice from Dani. As he raided her fridge I began to wonder how far down the rabbit hole Pittman was going to fall. Who knew that admitting that he was still in love with his wife would be enough to have him start to climb his way out?

I didn't take Nico's firing all that seriously as I figured it wouldn't last long but it did give Dani the opportunity to find out more about the complicated relationship between Nico and the Pittmans.

Some of my favorite moments were between Matt and Dani's kids. He will make a great father someday. Even when Matt said he was willing to forgo having his own children to be a part of Dani's family, I still wasn't sure this relationship had a future. That's a big thing to give up, no matter how he feels about Dani and her kids. I'm pretty sure this is a subject that isn't going away any time soon.

So do you think Dani and Matt have a future or do you think she'll end up with someone else on Necessary Roughness?

Slumpbuster Review

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