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-TK tries to fix his relationship with Rex, the quarterback when he fails to throw to TK. 


-When Rex says it's because TK has lost his edge, confirming what others have said, TK loses confidence and takes a drink. Then he calls Dani who tells him he needs a sponsor.


-Dani's mother Angela, and sister Roni visit to celebrate Angela's 65th birthday. Angela is excited about her party until she sees the guest list, then cancels.


-Dani finds our her mother had an affair with their neighbor (who was on the list.) She furious because she always thought their father was the only cheater. Roni makes Dani see that Angela was in love with the neighbor but stood in the marriage for them.


-Coach goes off on Juliette during a press conference. She wants him fired.  Matt figures out that there The Hawks are targeting players from other teams for injury.  


-Matt, Nico, and Dani confront the coach. Juliette put him up to it. When Nico gets proof he forces Juliette to sell the team. 


Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Matt: Well who put those names in your head?
Juliette: Surprise, I can read the Sports page, Matt.

In life there are no safe moves and plenty fumbles.