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When Russell Schiller (Dermot Mulroney), the wealthy father of one of Jess' students comes into Jess' classroom to criticize her teaching, Jess lets him know how she feels about his parenting. Tanya, the Principal, orders Jess to apologize because he's one of the biggest donors to the school. Jess doesn't feel that she has anything to apologize for, and Nick who is feeling disenfranchised due to a low credit score, takes up her cause against the rich Russell. But when Russell sees Jess stranded on the road after her car breaks down he helps her out and invites her to his barbecue. She reluctantly accepts and still plans on telling him how she feels about his stance on the arts.

CeCe thinks Russell like Jess and that Jess is simply intimidated by his wealth and self-sufficiency. Unconvinced, Jess brings Nick to the barbecue with her to keep her resolve strong. But Nick is immediately seduced by Russell's lavish lifestyle and realizes that this is what he really wants in life. After several awkward encounters, Jess tells Russell what she thinks and he accepts it and asks her out to dinner.

Meanwhile, Winston and Schmidt battle it out over trivia because Winston wants to impress Shelby. In the end, she doesn't care who wins trivia and declares herself Winston's girlfriend.


New Girl
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New Girl Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Do you have like a box of charity phones you're sending to Africa? Can he just have one of those?


He smells of strong coffee and going to see a man about a horse.